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Accessible Cabins on Marco Polo

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    Accessible Cabins on Marco Polo

    Have booked Marco Polo for August "Round Britain" cruise. Party includes one person using a wheelchair and have booked an accessible cabin for him. Anyone with any experience with the accessible cabins on Marco Polo?? Would love to have some information on those cabins, for example, are they large enough for the wheelchair to circulate within the cabin? Is there a raised threshold between the ensuite and the rest of the cabin? Is there access to all areas of the ship in a wheelchair or are there bulkheads/watertight doors in the corridors? Appreciate any information, Thanks.

    Welcome aboard. I am quite a fan of the Marco Polo and the "Round Britain" itineraries. I wrote quite an extensive review, if you need some general information about the ship:


    Unfortunately I cannot assist you with your questions as I have no experience of the accessible cabins. I have not seen this grade. However I cannot imagine MP is the best ship for a wheelchair user, as she was built long before mobility issues were even considered.

    In fact CMV do not sound too confident themselves, on their web site, about their accessibility:

    A cruise is quite unlike a land based holiday and the ships of our fleet are not ideally suited to prospective passengers in wheelchairs or those who have limited mobility. It should be noted that the layout of the ship could considerably restrict such passengers’ movement around the vessel and indeed preclude access to some of the ports of call, where gangway conditions are not conducive or passengers are conveyed ashore by tender. At anchorage ports, access to or from the tenders or launches requires a certain level of mobility which is necessary to manage the steps to the tender platform and to physically board and disembark from the vessel. It should therefore be noted that, on safety grounds, those with restricted mobility may be unable to go ashore at such ports.

    I do love the ship/line and I think that you will enjoy the more intimate/friendly experience, compared to mega-ships. At least your friend will have a party to support him.

    See my cruise blog: HERE


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