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Russian Cruise Company

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    Russian Cruise Company

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me their experiences with the Russian Cruise Company please. We are wanting to cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg and not sure who to travel with. Some of the companies I have seen are very expensive and well out of our league. Any info would be appreciated.

    Others recommendations of lines to investigate would also be gladly received.

    Hi Welcome to the forum!

    Try this German outfit - prices are about €650 cruise only. Flights are around €400 from LHR. You can convert to £s!



      Thanks for info ref Russian waterways cruise. Have you travelled with this outfit yourself?


        I have not but my sister and BIL have.


          When you are next talking to your sister and BIL will you ask them for some details of their experience for me please if it is not too much trouble.
          eg. What was the condition of the ship - cabins, bathrooms?
          What was the standard of the food etc?
          Was there any language difficulty with information ref things to see or sightseeing?

          Hope have not overloaded you but more info would be really helpful.
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            will do!............


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