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Voyages to antiquity

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    Voyages to antiquity

    I am really sorry to hear that the problems seem to be ongoing. We had a great trip in the spring, around Sicily ,which was only the second fortnight of the inaugural season.
    There were obviously a lot of teething troubles but for us it was all about the destinations and we certainly had value for money with the included excursion programme. We also liked eating on the back deck despite the soot. The tenders were dangerous for clothes, the exposed rivets shredded my husband's jacket, and the driveshaft was exposed in a very dangerous way. These faults could be easily corrected. Some of the crew did not seem to understand how to bring the tender alongside. I really approve of the type of voyages they wish to promote, but I agree that safety is the most important thing. I should imagine that the money spent on the superb library might have been better spent on new tenders. I do hope that they can eventually get it right.


      They really are insulting your intelligence. Once the ship is berthed, regardless of how much 'electricity' it uses, it is finished with and all services back to normal. Or did they use the excuse of not paying their power bill!!

      This is like some people believe the ship is 'saving' electricity by limiting services ie elevators, air-conditioning, it is crap!! The ship is generating it's own power for no extra cost regardless of how many lights you leave on, or how many lifts are in operation.


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