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Voyages of Discovery launches Norwegian cruise

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    Voyages of Discovery launches Norwegian cruise

    Voyages of Discovery has announced a new cruise that will allow travellers to learn more about the fascinating landscapes and history of Norway.

    The 650-passenger, four-star mv Discovery will operate the Norwegian Explorer voyage, which will last 13 days and begin on July 30th 2011.

    According to Voyages of Discovery, July is the "perfect time" for holidaymakers to see the mountains, waterfalls, fjords and meadows of Norway.

    The history of the region will be discussed by Greg Neale, the founder of BBC History magazine and one of the cruise's guest speakers.

    Also due to make a special appearance is World War II expert Mark Baldwin, who will bring along an Enigma codebreaking machine and speak about the device's important place in 20th century history.

    The Norwegian Explorer trip has reportedly attracted interest from budding historians, wildlife enthusiasts and walkers.

    Prices for the cruise start from £1,299 per person.

    Voyages of Discovery is part of All Leisure Group, the largest British-owned cruise company.

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