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Joanna Lumley wins Swan Hellenic's 2010 Oldie of the Year Awards

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  • Joanna Lumley wins Swan Hellenic's 2010 Oldie of the Year Awards

  • MissFrances, Monmouth
    You "handbag" Mark Thomas, Director-General of the BBC, when you have been invited to guest-edit an edition of the "Today" programme on Radio 4. It was worth a year's BBC licence fee to hear that.

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  • Grant, West Sussex
    One wonders what you have to do to be "handbagger" of the year and what the judging panel would use as criteria to differentiate the shortlist of that and the other award categories!

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  • Barrowman, Bedford
    Congratulations to Joanna a well deserved award, been an admirer of hers for years, I suspect she will be in for a few more after all her hard work for the Ghurkhas.
    Cruisings Cool

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