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Swan Hellenic launches 'Grand Voyages'

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    Swan Hellenic launches 'Grand Voyages'

    British cruise operator Swan Hellenic has unveiled new packages aimed at passengers who "like variety, experiencing new exciting sights and appreciate value".

    The 'grand voyages' range from 29 to 45 days and will run between May this year and February 2011 on the MV Minerva.

    Passengers are promised visits to many fascinating destinations, including some off the beaten track, with all-inclusive prices beginning at £2,588.

    One option takes in the Mediterranean and Red Sea before heading on to the Far East, while another includes both the Black Sea and North Africa.

    Reflecting Swan Hellenic's emphasis on tours of cultural and historical interest, passengers will have numerous opportunities to take in architectural sites such as Delphi and Mycenae and cultural jewels like Dubrovnik in Croatia.

    Managing director of Swan Hellenic Colin Stone said: "The beauty of combining two or more successive cruises into one 'grand voyage' is that they not only represent exceptional value for money, passengers can venture further afield, accessing remote places of the world that they wouldn't normally visit."

    Do you think the 'grand voyages' will be a hit?

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