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Silver Cloud Transatlantic - My experiences now published

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    Hi Clowi ..... probably met your friends and I know a few people said they were booking to go back to Barbados in November which sounds terrific. Not sure why the Terazza is the weak link but we have made it pretty clear to the people in charge what our thoughts are so hopefully things will improve soon. I knew there were going to be a few rough edges before I joined the cruise but never really saw them and I'm sure you'll be the same so I hope you have a great trip.


      Hi Trevor,
      Just read your very nice review and a cruise with Silverseas was always going to be our introduction to cruising. Sadly I have never recovered enough to be able to fly so this put an end to our dream holiday.

      I must confess that the 'musty smell' you talked about would have been a major turn off for me. I can understand noisy machinary, I can accept vibrations, but 'musty smells'would have been something I believe I would not be happy with at all!

      A nice, very balanced review and thank you for sharing it with us.



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