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British Expedition leader onboard Seabourn Antarctica

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    British Expedition leader onboard Seabourn Antarctica

    *Official Press Release

    Rupert Pilkington

    *Seabourn Quest Voyages 04 January 2014, and 25 January 2014

    Rupert joins the Seabourn staff for the 2014 Antarctic season with ten years’ experience as a guide working in some of the world’s remotest regions, including Alaska, the Russian Far East, the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard.
    Coming originally from Scotland, Rupert is a Canadian as well as a British citizen, reflecting a life profoundly influenced by travel and exploration. He studied natural resource management and conservation at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, culminating in a Master’s Degree from Aberdeen University. Later, he worked for both the US National Park Service and for Parks Canada, in Alaska, Colorado, Utah and Alberta, contributing to and administering a wide variety of wildlife management studies, mostly in relation to large mammals.
    During his years with the national parks, Rupert developed a special focus on bears and the management of conflict between bears and people, as a key study within his overarching interest in the preservation of wilderness and a very broad view of whole-ecosystem conservation. Initially, this work centered mostly on brown and black bears, but after a number of years it expanded to include polar bears and new opportunities to work in the Arctic as a guide in the expedition cruise industry. In 2011 Rupert established his own company, Blue Planet Expeditions, which offers small-ship expedition trips in Svalbard.
    While principally a specialist in the northern hemisphere, Rupert brings the knowledge and experience gained in the Arctic, such as life at sea, sea-ice, inflatable boat driving, and looking after guests on ship and on shore, to Seabourn for its Antarctic and South American cruises for 2014. While being affable and enjoying a good conversation, and being able to speak French and German, Rupert is keen to share his knowledge of Antarctic wildlife and exploration. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he has a consummate interest in geography, and a global perspective of ecology and conservation which is fundamental to his work as a guide.

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