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World Class Expedition Team Leads Seabourn’s Antarctica & Patagonia Voyages

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    World Class Expedition Team Leads Seabourn’s Antarctica & Patagonia Voyages

    *Official Press Release

    Staff Includes Expert Naturalists, Lecturers, Award-Winning Photographers

    To ensure that our guests have the best and most memorable Antarctic cruise adventure, we have contracted some of the world’s most experienced expedition staff to guide our “Ultimate Antarctica and Patagonia” cruises aboard Seabourn Quest during our inaugural Antarctic season of 2013 and 2014.

    The skilled team consists of naturalists, scientists, political and historical experts and other lecturers with decades of Antarctic experience, who will be sharing their knowledge, guidance and passion for Antarctica during the cruise and accompanying guests on excursions ashore to add valuable insights to the adventure. Award-winning photographers will also be on board to offer digital photography coaching, helping guests capture exciting wildlife images and the visual splendor of the White Continent. The expedition team will sail on the four 21- to 24-day voyages aboard Seabourn Quest starting in November of 2013.

    Expedition Leader Robin West is a veteran of over 40 Antarctic voyages. He and his staff will plan and coordinate the five days spent on the Antarctic Continent, plotting opportunities for wildlife sightings from the ship and choosing from numerous available sites for Zodiac landings, based on real-time weather and wildlife reports.
    “Antarctica is a place like no other,” said West. “Taking guests to see two-mile-long tabular icebergs, thousands of penguins, leopard seals and blue whales — the largest animals to have ever lived on the planet — it is a place that makes you realize just how insignificant we are and at the same time makes you feel bigger than life itself. Saying all of that,” he continued, “Antarctica cannot be put into words — it has to be experienced to be understood.”

    Would the standard of speaker sway you towards a certain cruise?
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