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Photos Oceania - A grand farewell from the magnificent crew!

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    Photos Oceania - A grand farewell from the magnificent crew!

    That's it folks!
    Lizzie sigpic

    Wonderful Lizzie.

    Simply wonderful.

    Mrs M x


      Thanks Mrs M, it was truly a great end to a fabulous cruise!

      Lizzie x
      Lizzie sigpic


        Enjoyed your whole experience with you Lizzie and a bonus all the great 'photos, a great insight into Oceania


          Thanks Wen, the fact you enjoyed it makes it even more worthwhile
          Lizzie sigpic


            Truly well done Lizzie.

            We shall miss your blogs and photos. Now it's time to relax and think of all the wonderful times you had.
            If there are any more blogging cruises up for grabs, you and the ones before are going to be very hard acts to follow.

            sigpic*Carol M*


              They do seem to be a very happy bunch on the Oceania ships. Seems like a good line to work for. Did they present staff with financial rewards? I seem to remember a few staff got some pretty decent cheques on Marina, think it was to do with the passenger surveys but there must be other criteria as one of the engineering staff got one.

              Your photos are fabulous. You certainly got to grips with that camera Lizzie. Many thanks.


                Wonderful bloggs, wonderful photos and wonderful review. I have enjoyed reading them all, many thanks.


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