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Oceania Riviera Day 6 – Blowy in Barcelona!

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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi Lizzie.
    I was in Barcelona a couple of days before you got there.
    Funnily enough my wife commented on the lack of (None) human statues,street performers....maybe they have stopped them.
    The Ramblas was full though.
    Think they have had enough of the pick-pockets though,,,did you notice police in pairs every few hundred yards along
    the Ramblas.

    Did you make it to the Universal Bar in La Boqueria market?,,,simple plate of fried wild mushrooms,coffee + brandy,,Great!!!

    ps,There was a march/demo through Catalunya Sq when i was there,,,,,,,,,I joined in!!:wink:
    Hi JC,

    All the police seemed congregated at the beginning of Ramblas, lots of them! But none walking along there. It was so quiet & hardly anything open!

    However we did manage these, delicious!:

    And I took a picture just for you The picket line at one of the ships!

    Thought you might like it!
    Lizzie sigpic


      Hi Lizzie
      But thats a bit cruel showing the picture of the Coffee and Brandy,,,,,i can even smell it!!
      C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
      "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


        Hi Lizzie,

        Just caught up with your blogs from days 5 & 6 - what a contrast, wonderful to read your on-board experience did not disappoint and the food sounds amazing, thanks for your patience recompiling the blogs your insights were much appreciated
        Lancashire Cunarder


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