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Oceania to Offer Free Child Places

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    Oceania to Offer Free Child Places

    Hi All

    From Seatrade:

    Oceania wave offers include choice of perks, kids sail free



    We were not thinking of sailing with them anyway!


      I agree unusual given the market they are trying to attract. I cant see that they are geared up for kids much anyway. If anything I would have thought they would keep kids prices high.


        We really enjoy Oceania as a cruise line. It is so unusual to see children on board. There is, as far as I can see, nothing provided for children so I can only assume that the idea is to attract more adults with this offer. It is, of course, possible that it may have an opposite effect. I have noticed the odd teenager on these ships, (by "odd" I mean "singular" as opposed to "peculiar") but youngsters are a rarity.

        Like I say, a great cruise line which won't, in my opinion, be damaged by this offer. .....Neil


          And, in an unusual offer from this adults-oriented line, on select Alaska, Canada/New England and Bermuda cruises this summer, families get a break with the third and fourth passenger in a stateroom, 17 years or younger, sailing free

          IT may be there is some demand on those itinerary maybe they will add some kids stuff.

          By offering this maybe they can get those that do take kids to converge on the same trips


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