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Mixed feelings about Oceania.

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    Mixed feelings about Oceania.

    Hi everyone,

    We have just returned from a 14 night cruise on Nautica and have very mixed feelings about whether is was good or not so good.

    We were not very happy that our cruise documents with luggage tags had not arrived before we left home on the 8th September. However, we were told that luggage tags would be available on arrival at Southampton and we were able to get these from a desk set up outside the terminal. For a small ship, we have never had to wait so long to embark - approximately 2 hours - even Queen Vic was quicker. Once aboard, we were told by other passengers that the ship had been hit by a big storm and there had been a number of injuries. Also flood water in some parts of the ship and deck furniture 'lost at sea'. This was obviously the reason for late boarding as so much more had to be done to prepare the ship for the next cruise.

    Upon boarding, we thought the staff looked really miserable, no smiles or welcome like Azamara which we were expecting. After we heard about the problems the ship had on the previous cruise, we thought the staff might have been overworked and were not feeling very happy. For whatever reason, they were told not to discuss with passengers, what had happened and looking on the internet today, I cannot find any reference to the ship being caught in a big storm.

    As the days went by the staff did appear to be be more friendly but still nothing like the Azamara staff.

    Unfortunately, for most of the cruise neither of us were at all well. In fact, I was so poorly I was convinced by a fellow passenger who was a doctor, that I should go to the medical centre. Had blood test and intravenous antibiotics for 2 days and then antibiotics in tablets form. I thought that nearly 3000 dollars was bit on the high side! Hope my insurance company will be kind to me. Never claimed before so now the time to find out if they are any good. OH just off to our local doctor. He really is looking awful.

    It's a shame that neither of us really enjoyed the food but that was probably more to do with us being under the weather as most people thought it was great.

    I was not impressed by the Maitre d who raised his wrist in the air to check the time and told us we might make it, when we arrived for breakfast at 9.15am. OK it was only 15 minutes to closing time but I thought it extremely rude.

    I must say that the ship was very comfortably furnished and the bed and pillows couldn't have been much better.

    One day my husband happened to stand by the cabin door without shoes and found the carpet was soaking wet. This was reported and the next day we had an industrial heater going for hours to dry it up. Our illness was probably nothing to do with the ship but we did wonder. My husband takes no regular medication and is the sort who can throw off a cold in a couple of days, so to have such a dreadful cough and feel exhausted it's hit him really badly.


    Oh dear Beryl how awful for you both,I have not read about any cruise ship caught up in bad weather either??!!.I think I would look long and hard before booking a trip with this cruiseline,Hope Hubby and you are on the mend soon,$3.000,? Wow,Hope its soon sorted with the ins company asap. Jan.


      Hi Jan,

      I've just managed to find a review on the previous cruise by some who mentions the storm. Only one person has commented saying that the dinning room had been flooded and everything thrown off the tables in the middle of the night. The staff worked very hard to get it all cleared up. Other reviewers didn't even mention the storm. It makes you wonder if some things don't get exaggerated out of all proportion. If passengers were injured, you would think that would be the first thing people would comment on!

      Hubby home from doctor's with antibiotics. Hope they work. Beryl


        My advice Beryl.....stick to Azamara in future! Much as I like Oceania, there is no comparison when it comes to the crew interaction.
        Sorry you have both been unwell and hope you recover soon.


          Hi Beryl

          Thanks for the review.

          Sorry to hear you were both unwell.

          I hope you are feeling better soon and the Insurance company settles.



            Thanks for the good wishes. Beryl


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