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This man wants my business.

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    Originally posted by Fred Bloggs, Tyne and Wear View Post
    You don't need to book a suite to be able to book the speciality restaurants in advance. We just had a balcony & I booked ours online & picked what I wanted no problem. Don't think it matters what type of stateroom you have.

    Maybe those with suites can book first but it didn't make a difference to us, we could book exactly what we wanted.
    Good afternoon Fred.

    There certainly is a batting order depending on the grade of accommodation booked. The top suites can make their reservations from 90 days or from time of booking if less.

    Penthouse Suites, which we have booked, have an open window for booking from 75 days, and all other bookings can make reservations from 60 days.

    So I guess that providing you are on the ball on your opening day for booking you can, in theory, book what you wish.


      Who is "Paul Ward" Douglas Ward edits the Berlitz guide.

      Originally posted by RobBar, Canada View Post
      I check out Fodors for ratings myself but I agree everything is a marketing ploy. Regardless these ships are classified above the pack. With Berlitz which is approved by Paul Ward who uses a lot of minions he has been known to downgrade for minor reasons and I do have the 2012 Guide.
      All fun,,, and informative to read regardless
      Any one wants to plays bridge and is on any of the cruises listed below please send me a private message

      cruises 2012
      Eclipse 12/05
      Queen Victoria 24/03
      Eclipse 12/05
      Oceania Riveria 13/08
      Eclipse 29/09
      Queen Victoria 20/12

      2013 Cruises booked
      Eclipse 11/05
      Eclipse 06/07
      Eclipse 31/08
      Eclipse 20/10


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