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Big suites on mass-market ships

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    Originally posted by Fossil1, London View Post
    Yes it does Garfield, but in fairness not with the same degree of comfort.
    Hi Fossil1
    That point is not in doubt, but as I hardly spend any time in my cabin it would be a waste of money.
    Somewhere to store my clothes, sleep and shower...that's all I need.
    Although saying that we did once have an inside on Oceana...never again and an outside would be my minimum cabin choice now so maybe I am a bit of a snob after all...
    Last edited by Garfield, Waterlooville; 30th April 2013, 11:39 AM.


      Originally posted by Taffy, Wales View Post
      Never gave it much thought Malcolm.
      Like you I am in the Imagine group but I would think that they pay for that bit of exclusivity that a suite brings but enjoy all the other facilities including the entertainment that the big ship have to offer .
      I would think that the Grills class on Cunard is a very nice way to cruise but so would be one of the smaller 6star lines but they may lack in entertainment.One day it may be me....Taffy
      On one cruise we met a lady who was 'occasionally' on our table in MDR who was in the 'Owners Suite'. Her husband and her were doing 3 back to back cruises and they spent the whole time in their suite they even had room service for all their meals. She had decided to try the MDR to see if the meals were different and what the general passengers were like. The meals were exactly the same and she moaned that each cruise's meals were repeated every week. So much for useing excess money, if one has it.


        Originally posted by Fossil1, London View Post
        Yes it does Garfield, but in fairness not with the same degree of comfort.
        Same as in life Fossil.

        Comfort is surely paramount, especially in homes, motor vehicles and shore side holiday accommodation.

        But I suppose at the end of the day it's down to one's budget and lifestyle.


          Richard could it also be that people have different priorities ? I have two friends who are brothers and VERY close but have decided never to go abroad again together. One of them insists in staying at a 5* hotel but then chooses a moderate priced restaurant and a lower price range of wine. The other prefers a 3* hotel and going to the best restaurant around and choosing an expensive wine.


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