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'We are not amused!' - Cruise cancelled for Royal family charter

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    Originally posted by Peter Gibson, Accrington View Post
    we can't aford it all our taxes are now going to asalyum seekers and illegal imigrants
    What? All of our taxes?


      Originally posted by Dave, Whitstable View Post
      What? All of our taxes?
      No. Only what's left after the MPs have taken their expenses.


        Saw a prog on TV last week, about the English Royal Navy, and Samuel Pepys was sorting it out the navy board finances, as the politicos and Admirals were all dipping into the sailors pension fund.
        NOTHING changed there then, they are still at it.:mad::mad:
        Last edited by PropShaft, Palatine of Lancashire; 22nd January 2010, 11:48 PM.


          I've done plenty for this country those that ask, and I'm not sniping at the royals themselves, very proud of them, it's the planning by the royal's organisers that is at fault, I'm sure herMaj would be upset to hear other people had their hols changed to suit her!


            The Royal Yacht

            Originally posted by oldtar, solihull View Post
            First, the Queen is Her Majesty and not HRH, which belongs to other members of the Royal family. Personally I would feel honoured to have chosen a ship also patronised by Her Majesty. As regards the Royal Yacht Britannia, it was old and costing too much to maintain, therefore being a drain on the taxpayer. Perhaps people are not aware that it was kept in full service 24/7 with its own dedicated complement of RN personnel, with Flag Officer. It was always ready for conversion to a hospital ship in time of conflict and did serve as such during the Falklands conflict.
            Just to add my 10 pence worth here.

            I agree with the above regarding the costs of the royal yacht, my mother used to work for the Queen mother (god bless her) when she was younger and often visited Balmoral etc, however, the Yacht was not only used by the Royal family, but was essentially used by the Government as a floating meeting and business centre. These costs were not factored into anything and I feel sad she was not replaced with another Royal Yacht.

            If we compare this to the Royal flight, which was a squadron of the queens own planes (back when there were dehavillands and storks), it was realized the importance of this and it was transferred to the RAF. So the Queen has some planes of her own and some are chartered for the occasion. Something teh Labout party forgot when they wanted to build Blair a huge 747 so he could look like Bush. LOL


              Originally posted by siamese, wiltshire View Post
              Not fair to use the 'we are not amused' tagline for this story. Passengers who had booked cruises departing on July 22 and 29 aboard the 49-passenger ship Hebridean Princess" have not only been offered alternative sailings but also very generous compensation to accommodate the royal party. Damn it all, she is a first-class Head of State who wants to enjoy her holidays enjoying a cruise like most of us seasoned cruises, and at least she pays her own way for her holidays! Which frankly can't be said for many of our disgraceful M.P.'s and a money-grabbing ex-Prime Minister!
              As someone who could not go on different dates and lost her silver wedding anniversary cruise, I can certainly say that "we are not amused" is actually rather an understatement to my feelings! As for the generous compensation: whether 10-20% off a FUTURE cruise, to be booked within 5 months PROVIDED you move your existing booking to a different date (i.e. passengers who couldn't do this just got a refund of their money - as per booking conditions, and maybe others could not afford 2 such cruises in 2 consecutive years) I guess I have a rather different view on what generous means.


                They should never have got rid of the Royal Yacht Britannia, or else replaced it with a new one.

                And Blair and Brown didn't get an invite to the wedding, Ho' Ho' Ho'


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