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Viking Ocean Cruises - Opinions?

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    Viking Ocean Cruises - Opinions?

    We are early forties couple, no children. We prefer 2 shorter length cruises per year than maybe one long one, and 2 good ones rather than 3 or more on mainstream lines that many people seem to do these days.

    For years our favourite line has been Azamara, but ships maybe looking a bit jaded, and prices have risen.

    I have seen some adds for Viking, but there are very few reviews (and not even a section on here as other lines as far as I can see). There is a French ship called Le Lyrial that friends went on and raved about, and the agent said Viking was similar to this level.

    I wondered if this was a better place to ask as the review section is unhelpful ("page not found" if I search Viking)? Has anyone any experience of Viking Ocean cruises? I'm particularly interested in being uncrowded and with good and varied food. Entertainment isn't a deal breaker for us.

    Can anyone help?

    If you can wait until November yes, we are booked on the Cities of Antiquity and the Holly Land Cruise.

    We have sailed on Azamara also but not for a number of years due to ever increasing prices, in some cases more than Seabourn for a simmilar cruise.

    We are anticipating, good food, decent wine and well travelled/interesting fellow guests, fingers crossed we are not disappointed, we attended a Viking Ocean presentation last year and were very keen to try them out after that.



      We agree with your views on shorter cruises and 'higher end' for want of a better term. We sail Seabourn or Regent and enjoy both. I have no experience of Viking as their ships are just a bit too big and they are not AI. However, we have two cruise director friends, who used to work on Seabourn and are now on Viking Sea and Viking Sun, both are excellent cruise directors. I know that the entertainment will be top notch because two Filipino band, who we know well, are now working on Viking. Let us know how it goes.


        Thanks John and Mr/Ms Cooke, Really helpful

        The Viking presentation sounds a good idea. I will look for details as that's the sort of thing can give a good flavour.

        Pleased to hear about the cruise directors, and look forward to seeing the musicians too.

        We've spent a bit more time researching since I posted on the board, and understand their offer a bit better. Mr/Ms Cooke is spot on about not being AI (I assumed it was) as drinks are only free at mealtimes, but we were surprised again to be told by Viking that premium drinks package is around £100 per week/pp. Neither of us drinks a lot but the package covers all the soft drinks and cocktails etc, so seems a good price.

        Will surely share any info if we book (we have an eye on the new ship 'Sun' in October) and really look forward to seeing the upcoming reviews.

        Thanks again. Very helpful


          We went on Viking Star last October on it's first visit to the Caribbean and must say the organisation and service was superb. Food was excellent with no extra charge for their specialty restaurants and in general there was no 'nickle & diming' - no photographers, casino, bingo etc.

          Entertainment was good and adequate but not their strongest feature - definitely not a late night ship. All of their ships are of the same design with the same features.

          I did a series of forum reviews, here are the links;







          Sorry but there seems to be a problem with the picture links. Hope it is otherwise helpful.


            Thanks Harry, a very enjoyable read or should that be re read, you have cpatured the appeal of Viking Ocean cruises and I hope ours will be equally enjoyable



              Thanks, Harry. Enjoyed the read. The way you make it sound chimes exactly with what we like about cruising. You are one lucky man to have won that value of prize. Well done!

              Well, we took the plunge and booked the Sun for October, Athens to Venice, though by the time we got around to deciding, the cabin grade we'd wanted had all gone, so we've got a 'penthouse veranda' which looks fantastic. It's more expensive than we usually pay for Azamara, but it looks super-premium (though to be told it's BA flights didn't fill us with the sort of anticipation it did even 5 years ago)

              We'll definitely report back after the cruise and hopefully add a tiny bit to the pool of first hand knowledge here.

              Thanks for all the help.


                We disembark as you embark, ours is the first cruise of this particular ship.


                  Not Viking but might be worth a visit for anyone interested in river cruising, got it through cruisedot email.



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