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Sailing Vessels- What is Boutique Cruising?

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    Sailing Vessels- What is Boutique Cruising?

    Yesterday on #Cruisechat a Twitter Cruise party we were discussing Boutique Cruising.
    We discussed a number of different topics such as the service, destinations, staff and amenities onboard.

    Here is the summary:
    • Boutique Cruising offer a intimate yet luxury cruise experience. The Ships are usually much smaller and offer a more personalised service.
    • The benefits of a boutique cruise are smaller ships, authentic cultural experiences & quality in service/amenities, while offering a relaxed cruise holiday
    • There are two companies which offer boutique cruises - Star Clippers and Windstar cruises. There ships are often referred as “sailing yachts” because they are able to operate by motor and by sail.
    • The designs of the ships mean they can visit unique destination which are inaccessible by the larger cruise ships.
    • Not only do you get a high level of personal service on a boutique cruise, you still have the choice of amenities that you get from the larger cruise ships like – spa, casino, entertainment lounges, eater-sports platform, library, pool and hot tubs.
    • Cruising on either Windstar Cruises & Star Clippers feels like your sailing in your own private yacht where you can sail to private places, protected anchorages as well as lush beautiful islands. You can explore the world's most legendary places and hidden harbours.

    WINDSTAR CRUISES- Operate three sailing yachts known for their pampering without pretence and their ability to visit the hidden harbors and secluded coves of the world’s most treasured destinations. Carrying just 148 to 312 guests, the luxurious ships of Windstar cruise to nearly 50 nations, calling at 100 ports throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. What started as an idea to bring together the freedom of sailing with the luxury of a resort vacation has developed into the ultimate getaway. Private yacht luxury, extraordinary service, luxurious accommodations; world-class dining, and the exhilarating thrill of actually sailing the high seas.

    STAR CLIPPERS- Since 1991 Star Clippers Ltd. has offered sophisticated travelers the ultimate cruising vacation alternative – a tall ship “mega-yacht” experience aboard authentic re-creations of the classic sailing clipper ships that ruled the waves during the 19th century. Star Clippers operates three of the largest barquentine and full-rigged sailing ships in the world. Star Clipper, Star Flyer and flagship, Royal Clipper are a triumvirate of four and five-masted sailing ships that offer the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht at a price which is often less than one would pay on a large, mass-marketed cruise ship.

    Have you ever cruised on a sailing yacht, is it something that interests you?
    Jimmy the One & Only
    Cruises.co.uk Community Manager

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