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Bad Language on board ship

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    Bad Language on board ship

    I have just been reading a review from a passenger who claims that bad language was used by an entertainer on board a RCI ship. The language was used during a musical set and was in songs the guy encouraged the audience to sing. Has anyone else experienced any kind of foul or inappropriate language on a cruise other than that in an adults only form of late night entertainment? Would you have just walked out of this guy's performance and said nothing choosing not to return to his appearances? If you read the review you will see that he made a point of embarrassing the complainers!

    It wouldn't have worried me, and I probably would have laughed. I must say though I am surprised they had that sort of entertainment on a cruise ship. After all there is a time and a place, I'm going to see if I can find the review..........................................Ca rol


      It wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I don't understand why some people are so hung up about bad language.

      In terms of my own experience, I do remember hearing an uncensored version of a song during the pre-show music in the theatre on Anthem of the Seas, which I found surprising and quite entertaining. But nothing that stands out.

      To comment on the specific example, I would be very surprised if bad language was used as part of a sing-a-long type show. I wouldn't be offended, but knowing that some people would be means that it was probably a bad move from Royal.
      Duncan S

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        The review made me laugh, sorry, but why keep going back, I'm sure there were other places to sit, and there had only been 1 actual complaint.

        I'm on voyager next year, I might go and watch, but if I don't like it I certainly won't go back. I'd be interested to know what the programme said about the show and whether it said 'adult' entertainment!.................................... ...........................Carol


          Can someone link to the review? I'd ,love to read it!

          Am I right in suspecting it's from someone who's a little overly sensitive?
          Duncan S

          See my blog!


            Originally posted by dst87, Falkirk View Post
            Can someone link to the review? I'd ,love to read it!

            Am I right in suspecting it's from someone who's a little overly sensitive?
            Sorry can't do a link but if you go into reviews at the top it's the 2nd one down, on board Voyager...................................Carol


              Inappropriate as the curfew for kids is 1.00pm on board RCI...would you condone an 11 year old singing that song in Johnny Rockets at 6.00pm as he/she had heard it the previous night.

              Part and parcel of the decline in moral standards.

              Last edited by Garfield, Waterlooville; 15th November 2016, 07:02 PM.


                Just my view

                Bad language is not entertainment it's just a poor script for a poor performance.

                I would not be offended, just irritated by the laziness.



                  Here's the link


                  Bad Language, for me it is all about the delivery.
                  I always found Billy Connolly hilarious in his heyday, funny yes, bad taste no.

                  What amused me was the poster expecting RCI to be a 5 star cruiseline………….Now that is funny ……….Wilba
                  Last edited by Wilba; 15th November 2016, 07:04 PM.


                    I commented on the review as it reminded of an incident on our recent cruise on Navigator. We were in the Star Lounge playing majority rules. It was 9.30pm and was not listed as adult only. We had our 11 year old grandson with us and I ended up having to explain to him what a jonny was because of one of the answers read out by the host. A lot of children were in the lounge and I thought it was inappropriate on a family ship. There was also talk about the size of men's willies. It wouldn't have bothered me if we had been on our own but not suitable for grandson to listen to.


                      Any performance starting at 2345 would indicate to me that coarse language may be used.



                        I just got a chance to read the review, and found it hilarious like Carol.

                        I don't understand why people can't just say 'Not for me' and move on? Not all entertainment will appeal to everyone.

                        Plus, as Annie says, at quarter to midnight I think a level of adult content shouldn't be a surprise.

                        Clearly those singing along didn't have a problem with it! 😆
                        Duncan S

                        See my blog!


                          I hate singalongs anyway. If I go to the theatre I'm hoping to be entertained, if I want to sing I'll go to choir practice.


                            Hmmm some reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. It seems clear from the intent of the letter that this was a gripe wanting compensation, rather than an actual review? As others have said if you really felt that offended then you wouldn't keep going back.

                            With all of the entertainment and bar offerings on the mega ships there is no reason to stick with something you don't like or enjoy.

                            Completely understand the points about inappropriate for children, but at that time of the night perhaps some bad language should be tolerated. If what the reviewer is saying is true about the other parts then yes it would be unacceptable IMO


                              It certainly would not bother me, especially if it was in a bar at 23:45 pm, at that time of night I would expect the bars to full of adults. Holiday or not, Land or Sea I would not have taken my children into a bar at nearly midnight.

                              I remember when we were on Ventura, it was announced the Comedian who had done a gig in one of the bars at 10pm, would be returning later to do a second more Adult show at 11/30pm. Come 11/30pm, a couple with 2 small children came in and sat on the front row, as the comedian announced that's just killed my act.

                              I agree with Wilba with language course or otherwise its all about delivery, personally I do not get offended by course language unless somebody directs it at me in anger, then I may respond likewise. I do not use it in the course of every day conversation and certainly never in front of family.

                              Some people are easily offended.
                              Last edited by Delboy, Essex; 15th November 2016, 08:57 PM.

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