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Cool day, hot night

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    Cool day, hot night

    Wow, so I survived my first night onboard and what a night it was. I think the expression is 'I will never drink again'.
    My friend (regular blogger Spridgeon1) and I are travelling with an MSC Allegrissimo drinks package and dare I say I was pleasantly delighted by all that was included, so much so, my head thoroughly hurts this morning.

    We started the night drinking pink fizz in the Aft Lounge then gradually moved for'ard and upwards.
    Here on the MSC Splendida there is so much to do after dark that the night can go on as long as you like, and for me, it did!

    I'd love to say I remember last night, but that would be lying.

    I remember dancing at a 70s disco with my 'cruise muses', then I think there was a cocktail bar somewhere midship and finally the nightclub up on 16 deck (yes, the ship really is that big) to dance till the sun came up - just about.

    It's fair to say there is something for everyone onboard after dark and the gangways were full of people - young and old - out for a good time, or just soaking up the heady atmosphere from being at sea.

    As a cruise virgin I thought there wouldn't be enough onboard to keep me entertained after dark, I was so wrong.

    But after the excesses of last night, I might try my hand at the casino tonight or take in show at Splendida's impressive theatre, anyone know what's showing?

    The fun continues...
    Last edited by Moomin, southampton; 6th September 2016, 06:04 AM.

    A tip from an old hand: You may wish to be a little more cautious in that casino that you were in the bars!

    Cruise shows can be surprisingly professional. Many of the on-board theatres are bigger and more high-tech than London's theatres.
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      Thank Malcolm, I'll be looking out for the penny machines ;-) but really looking forward to the show, I think it's West Side story. So big budget musical onboard a ship, didn't know such things were possible.


        I hope you are feeling better Moomin. I've not been hungover on a cruise. My daughter says it is because my alcohol level never drops low enough!


          Wish I had your tolerance, cooke, Im becoming a real lightweight. Water for me today until the world stops moving. Oh wait, I'm on a ship.


            Oh, Do let me know how West Side Story show goes, It is my favorite musical show and film EVER. I must have watched it 50 times on dvd and seen a live show 3-4 times. Jan.


              Sounds like a lot of fun, I would have enjoyed the 70s disco but don't think I'd have managed the nightclub!


                Sparkle, the 70s disco was pretty incredible with ships staff dragging guests onto the floor. The nightclub was a much more serious affair, everyone looked good but way too young for me. How I managed to keep going all night is a mystery.

                Jan, it turns out West Side Story was the night before and this evening was Coney Island. All I can say is 'huh?'


                  Haha sounds like a rough but fun night.

                  West Side Story should be good. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
                  Duncan S

                  See my blog!


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