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Ahoy there, new cruiser wannabe

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    Ahoy there, new cruiser wannabe

    Hello Everyone

    I think i am just unlucky, we have thought about cruising for a while now, and with it being my 60th Birthday next year, we bit the bullet and booked to go to "Iceland" on the Ocean Countess on my birth date.

    I started planning and buying suitable clothing (I plan way too far in advance) and then we recieved a letter saying that Cruise and Maritime had merged and our cruise was cancelled. We were going from Liverpool which is not very far from us even had the lift planned, however they offered us 3 different cruises but as none of these were anything like what we had booked either by date or itinery we chose to get our money back.

    So we are at the moment still looking, we really don't want to travel too far to get to the ship and would still love to go to Iceland or similar with breath taking views rather than sea and sun.

    Anyway sorry my first post is a bit long winded but thats us, cruiseless and looking.


    Welcome aboard Shanikang. Liverpool to Iceland was a pretty rare itinerary. In fact Iceland is not the most common itinerary either.

    I’ve not looked them up, but there are probably a few cruises from Southampton to Iceland (maybe P&O or Cunard?) Maybe Fred Olsen from Dover? Both Ports have good train links.

    Easier to find would be a Norwegian Fjord cruise - in some ways offers MORE spectacular scenery than Iceland. This destination cruises also tend to be a little more sedate and does not attract many families. Do have a look at Fred Olsen's charming fleet of 'smaller' ships.

    I've not looked at what the Marco polo is offering, but that would be from Tilbury. She is a nice ship, though. She will definately be going to the Fjords.

    I personally, spent a long weekend in Reykjavík (flying) which was very interesting. There are tours on offer of the ‘moon like’ volcanic scenery.
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      Thank you so much, will definately have a look at all your advice, is it better to wait or book ?, would you say these cabins get booked quickly.
      I am only asking because my Mother/Father in law have now said that "they have always fancied a cruise" although wouldn't dream of spending a great deal.


        Welcome shanikang,
        As Malcolm said the North Cape and Fjords is a wonderful cruise, it rather depends on what time of the year your birthday falls on though.

        Rather than perhaps Iceland, take a look further afield at a Canada/Alska cruise.

        Quite simple to use lots of cruise sites to explore possibillities for the time of year you want then come and ask further questions.

        Good Luck and enjoy entering into the world of cruising.
        Cruising is like;

        Being in The Garden of Eating


          What dates do you need/want or are you a flexable?

          any ideas on budget


            hi shanikang we did Iceland & Norway in June this year on P&O Ventura for my wife's 60th birthday we had stops in Dublin, Reykjavic And Akureyri in Iceland then to Norway stops in Alesund ,Olden,Bergen and Stavanger then stopping in Zeebrugge on our way back to Southamton we had a great holiday with some stunning scenery the one drawback is Iceland and Norway are very expensive when you are ashore but well worth it in the end.


              Originally posted by shanikang, Leigh Lancashire View Post
              Thank you so much, will definitely have a look at all your advice, is it better to wait or book ?, would you say these cabins get booked quickly..
              Debatable! If you want a particular cruise, cabin and date book ASAP. If you ate more flexible, you will probably get a better price nearer the date.

              Do bear in mind that travel insurance (compulsory on a cruise) can be expensive for the elderly so do shop around.
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