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Anotherfamily of Newbies on the sea's

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    Anotherfamily of Newbies on the sea's

    Is there room for another one?

    My hubby, 16 Year old son & myself are off on our 1st cruise next Saturday (30th July), we are travelling with RC on the Adventure of the Seas from Malaga,

    Excited is not the word for it.

    Is anyone else travelling on the same dates?

    or do you have any tips for us . .


    The ships is about ten times bigger than you can imagine!

    Study the 'Cruise News' sheet carefully each day or you might miss something! It will be delivered to your cabin.

    Don't miss the production shows (song & dance) and the Ice Show (it's not just for kids).
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      Hi D and welcome to the Forum. My daughter, son-in-law and 16 year old granddaughter have just come back from this cruise and they all loved it.

      Have a great cruise and be prepared to become hooked.


        welcome to the forum. I have not cruised RCI. However, write a review when you return and I can guarantee you will be hooked!

        Research research and researrch your ports before you go - it is not always necessary to take a ships excursion and you can save quite a bit of dosh!

        The ships harp on a bit about the ship waiting for you if their excursion is late and it won't if you go on your own. THIS IS VERY TRUE, however they play on your insecurities but if you are sensible about what you do and not take on anything too outrageous or ambitious - you will be fine!


          I would also like to welcome you, havent been on RC but would like to wish you and you family a great cruise!
          I think you will get loads of great advice off some of the forum members regarding your itinerary.

          Bon Voyage!


            Thank you all for the warm welcome. We are well excited about our trip.
            I have been trawling the forums and reviews and getting lots of info.




              You will find there is so much to do on sea days! A 'tip' I read on here a while ago, and adopted, is to take highlighter pens & then to use, in your case, three different colours for the 'daily activities' Delivered to your cabin the day before. Of course you may all want to do the same thing, so not appropriate!

              Enjoy, Lizzie.
              Lizzie sigpic


                welcome to the forum Debs and there is always room for a wee one.

                your first cruise how exciting for you. hope it lives up to your expectations. have a great time. let us know how you get on.
                don't want to work, just want to cruise.


                  If you have time, research your ports of call. It's very much cheaper to do your own thing (or DIY as we say!). Or taxis (negotiate before you start) are normally a lot cheaper than the ship's tours. Also give you more flexibility. You can print off town maps or even train timetables in advance to make it all very easy and stress free..... have a great time! Remember RCi drinks prices are not as cheap as say, P&O, so don't let that spoil things, just be aware. Also RCi charge for shuttle buses at ports if you use them.
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                    Good morning Debs,I would like to say Hi too,we aresailing from Malaga in Oct on Adventure and can't wait either.We have sailed with RCI a few times now and love the Co and the ships.Your son will have a blast,Rock climbing,Basket ball,Golf,Swimming etc etc.You can purchase a drinks package for your son,its called a soda package with a good choice if you go on the RCI website and enroll and sign in it will ask you for a ref number for your cruise.actually.as you are only a week away it may be too late.
                    You can do it on board.in fact usually as you are boarding you may see as you enter the ship someone selling the packages....he will get a tall flask which he will be able to keep too.He just needs to have it with him when on walk about on the ship and present it along with his seapass card and he will get a refill everytime....its alot cheaper than buying a drink everey time at the bars.
                    I do it every time we sail as I am not a drinker.apart from the odd glass of Champas,I find it very handy,and he doesnt even have to use the flask if he would rather put it away to take home,he can get a glass every time.The one thing I will say is IF he leaves it anywhere.......he will loose it....
                    Enjoy your cruise and let us know how you did the Itinery....on your own or tours with RCI....one more thing.....let your final bill be converted by YOUR CC....in other words leave it all as dollars...its way cheaper.unless ofcourse you are settling with cash..
                    some call me Mrs Early Bird......:p

                    oooo and I guess we want a badge too.
                    Adventure Oct 2011,Indy Feb 2012. Allure Aug 2012.


                      welcome to the forum, enjoy,


                        I have not been on RCI cruises as they are not my style but I am already feeling excited for you. I love it when people are about to set sail as I get that exciting feeling with them. Have a fab time and tell us all about it on your return.


                          I hope you and your family have a ball, enjoy every minute of it....just wait to you see the size of the ship up close.


                            As long as you have your seapass you do not need to take the souvenir cup with you. Just present the seapass at any bar for the soda package. They charge $6 per day for adults and $4 for kids.
                            I think you will love Adventure, especially the main Promenade....do not miss the parade down the promenade, late on the first night. Don't miss the ice shows or the Quest Game . Go for late night snacks (free)to Cafe on the promenade.
                            Go to Johnny Rockets for burgers- put a quarter iin your jukebox,play 'Staying Alive' and the staff will do a dance routine for you....


                              brilliant, the more i hear the more excited I get . . .
                              How do you know what to pay for and what is in your package?
                              Jonny Rockets sounds kool, we will be giving it a go . . .

                              I will let you know how we got on when we return.
                              thanks for all the comments.



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