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Final payment & travel insurance dilemma

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    Final payment & travel insurance dilemma

    OK, we have a bit of a dilemma on our hands and it involves cruising, final payment and travel insurance. I thought it might help us reach a decision if I could gather some other peoples thoughts.
    We have a cruise fast approaching (100 days out) and the final payment is due on 5 January. Flights are booked and paid for and everything seemed to be running smoothly until my good lady has recently found herself burdened with a medical condition which is yet to be fully diagnosed. More tests are required and once these have been done a plan of action will be made. I won't go into too much detail but it is going to require surgery.
    The consultant has told us not to cancel anything at the moment as he thought everything should be sorted by the spring but I am very concerned about making the final payment knowing that we know that we have a potential problem before the balance is paid. I have never been in the position where I have needed to make a claim for the entire trip and wondered how much of an obstacle the prior knowledge is going to be should we need to cancel.

    I would like to think it won't be an issue but am still very hesitant to either cancel or make the final payment.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    We were in an almost identical situation earlier this year. My wife had to have tests, although everyone concerned was confident that there was nothing seriously wrong. I knew that I had a duty to inform my insurers, and just before the balance was due I phoned them. I explained the position and after a little persuasion they agreed to cover cancellation but not any medical expenses claim should we travel and then find that treatment was necessary. This was satisfactory to us, as we knew there would be a diagnosis before we travelled. I paid the balance of our cruise in the knowledge that we'd get our money back. In the event my wife required no treatment, so I was able to call our insurers back and have full cover reinstated. This did require a little persuasion. I think the answer is that you must tell your insurers before you pay the balance and hope they'll be helpful. Good luck, and hope this helps.


      I think it best to explain the full situation to your insurance company.

      I personally would do it in writing and therefore get a written reply rather than rely on a telephone conversation which may not fully reflect the situation later on.


        What a dilemma, a cruise might be just the thing to recover from a medical condition and it would be such a shame to cancel and miss it. The Consultant is reassuring but he can't guarantee that it will be sorted in time especially with all the problems the NHS is facing.

        Have you spoken to the cruise line to see if they would hold your deposit if you cancelled and then use it for a last minute deal?

        I would definitely be speaking to the insurance company and gauge their reaction. I hope it goes well for your wife...Carol


          Hi Wansbrough. I can imagine the angst you must be going through right now.

          First and foremost, fingers crossed that Mrs W will get the treatment she needs and will be fighting fit again within the 100 days.

          It's only my opinion of course but I would be loathe to pay the final balance on 5th January. Have you any idea when your wife's tests will be carried out and when the surgery will take place? It's all very well for the consultant to say don't cancel but can he give you any firm assurances regarding your wife's tests/surgery & recovery period? Given the demand on the NHS at the moment, I doubt it. However, if she is getting private treatment, then that is a different scenario of course.

          Insurance companies are famous for wriggling out of paying up if they can find a loophole somewhere. If it were me, I would phone the insurance company and tell them about your dilemma. Whatever they say, get it in writing and go from there. Although your final payment is due on 5th January, there is usually a bit of leeway on that, as we once discovered when we were away on a cruise and had a reminder that a final payment for out next cruise was due. When I phoned up to apologise, my agent told me that there is always at least 2 weeks leeway and rarely are cruises cancelled due to late payment.

          Fingers crossed that all goes well and that you still manage to enjoy Christmas and the New Year.


            A slightly different alternative.

            Check with your insurance company that If you cancel now they will cover the lost deposit. If so cancel and wait for the diagnosis/action plan without any worries about your cruise. Once all is sorted there will always be a last minute cruise available and, if all has gone well, insurance should remain available on the new cruise.

            Wishing you both all the best.

            p..s. Depending on your insurance excess it may actually be better to cancel without involving your insurance company at this stage. If your wife gets the all OK we all hope for, then your insurance company will only need to know about the surgery before your replacement cruise and will advise you on their cover.

            Tony B
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              We had something similar a few years ago, a quick talk with the GP (over the phone) who advised that the underlying condition was such that she would not recommend flying, I have to say that both the NHS and insurance company were excellent over the next few months and everything was resolved.

              I would try and get some clarification if that is possible

              Fingers crossed for you both



                Thinking of you both, and I hope your wife is soon better.

                Brilliant advice as always on here, good luck with it all, and I hope everything is resolved quickly ................. ..................................Carol


                  Thank you to everyone who has replied, I will call the Insurance company and explain the situation in the hope they will be accommodating.
                  I have been in touch with the travel agent which didn't provide any help. Maybe as you say go direct to the cruise line to see if they can be a little more compassionate.
                  The deposit was small so no loss there and the excess won't make it worth the effort, although having said that there are the flights to consider.

                  I don't think we will encounter any NHS delays as we have been told the department concerned is running without delays and it will be a fast track procedure.

                  If we don't make this one there will be others.....



                    If you don't mind telling us how you get on I would be interested to hear how it all pans out...Carol


                      the key is the risk that was covered has changed you need to inform the insurer.

                      You should let the insurance company know and they decide if they are prepared to cut their losses now by letting you cancel with just the deposit or will cover the full costs should you need to cancel later or continue cover but not for this particular condition

                      There is another option as the law required the cruise to be transferable for admin fees should a passenger not be able to travel,
                      so you could look at selling/gifting it on if there is someone that would be interested, that won't cover flights if they were DIY

                      edit: was this single tip or annual/continuous ?


                        Sending good luck wishes to Mrs W at this time.


                          Sorry to hear and I go with the others. Your ins. company advice is the path which should be followed.


                            Sorry, can't edit.

                            If your insurance covers you, I'd go ahead with the payment. Good luck.


                              It may be worth checking what the 'real' due date is for your final payment. You will find if you used a TA that they have a minimum 30 days extra that they tag onto the real due date to allow for processing and late payers. Sometimes its is as much as 45 days different to the real due date that the actual Cruise company require payment. I quite often used to pay my balance later than the due date purely on principle alone - why should they have my money up front, etc when it can still be in my account and not theirs etc, but that aside do check as it may buy you that extra few weeks to make a decision.


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