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Like a cruise but on land?- A Warners Break

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    When we get bad service it's the manager/owner who needs to know that unless they improve we won't be going back & will be telling people about them. It's a pain having to fill bad reviews in but it needs to be done. If we get good service & food we also need to report that too.

    There's been plenty of bleating and moaning going on about how these businesses are struggling through being closed. Well they should realise that they won't survive unless they give people decent food & drink as well as good service.

    Hope that Marella get things sorted out for our short cruise in the North Sea in July. The service may not be what we are used to if it's a new crew but they will have had a month to practise if the cruises go ahead. Foodwise I'm not expecting Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir standards but surely the chefs shouldn't have forgotten how to cook!


      Hi all
      My daughter,husband and daughters 7yr old and 4 month old are in Butlins Skegness for the weekend.
      Over 5 hours drive to get there yesterday,,my son in law loves driving,I hate it.

      Facetimed last night,she said first impressions good although she said it was rammed with kids…Arrrg!!!!

      They got an accommodation upgrade from Silver to Gold,,,,it looked very modern,,,not the ‘huts’ when I used to go to Butlins.
      The Gold accommodation has everything you need.

      She pre-booked swimming before she left home.good job it was all booked up,,,the 7 yr old would have been devastated if no swimming.
      I said have a dip in the North Sea,,,she said it’s 10deg colder in Lincolnshire than the Merseyside she left.

      Plenty of eating places on site,,,because they were tired after the drive (the 7 yr old was saying ‘are we there yet’ even before they got out of town) the did the pizza place last night.
      The x2 shows for the kids were 19:30 whilst they were eating,the other at 21:45 whilst they were getting the baby settled.

      She said I would find it a nightmare in school holiday time…..at least she has got away for a break.

      C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
      "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.



        This may be if interest, saw this copy of an EMail on Warner’s unofficial Facebook page this morning.

        I got an email today from Warners Head Office. The first week they reopened there were problems in various venues regarding the quality of the food and also long waiting times for food to arrive. We were at Corton for the weekend from 21st May. Anyway, Warners have offered us a refund of £25 per person, per night. For two of us that’s £150 which we are going to accept.

        From what I’ve been reading there’s been some changes since then. We had never had cause to take a complaint to Head Office before but felt we needed to on this occasion. Many thanks Warners for dealing with it so promptly. Looking forward to going back to Corton in July. The hard working staff always make it feel like it’s a home from home.

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          A few days after we got back I did a very comprehensive feedback but I guess that just measures their ratings and they dont or cant read everything written. so I did decide to make a more formal complaint - lets wait and see what happens.


            Well hows this for a response. I sent my 'official complaint' at tea time on Saturday and got a reply by lunchtime on Sunday with an offer of £150 refund.
            I certainly cant fault their customer service, albeit I did feel it was pretty much a standard response and do wonder if they had made note/taken action on some of my points other than the meals, as basically what was being refunded was £25pp pn in relation to the cost of the evening meals.
            But its left me feeling a little more happier in regards to my next visit.


              That's a result, if they have had a few complains and fallen short then setting up reasonable auto compensation without further discussion is an appropriate use of resources.


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