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Help needed please!

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    Thoughts so far have been Caribbean, Canada, Alaska ...children have the boy been to Spain & France so have a desire to go a bit further afield.
    Alaska no fly will be a challenge.


      West Sussex school holidays

      18 Feb 2019(Mon) 22 Feb 2019(Fri)
      08 Apr 2019(Mon) 22 Apr 2019(Mon)
      27 May 2019(Mon) 31 May 2019(Fri)
      24 Jul 2019(Wed) 02 Sept 2019(Mon)


        Looking in the Easter 2019 window. 6 April - 22 April.

        How about this one

        MSC Seaside 14 nights 6 April.

        staring price for 4pax.
        Inside Bella Experience
        Adult 1 £1,079.00
        Adult 2 £1,079.00
        Teen 1 £169.00
        Teen 2 £169.00
        Cabin 1 £2,496.00


        Deluxe Suite MSC YACHT CLUB Experience
        Adult 1 £3,839.00
        Adult 2 £3,839.00
        Teen 1 £259.00
        Teen 2 £259.00
        Cabin 1 £8,196.00


          RCI have a very broad customer base.

          They probably have the widest range of ship styles and itineraries of all the fleet brands.

          Some of the better itineraries are on the smaller older ships.


            We have always cruised with RCI and we are 80 and 85 years young they are great for the elderly and indeed for everyone !!


              Originally posted by annie, Glasgow View Post
              Would someone care to assign an age group to elderly please??

              Elderly is at least twenty years older than me (a moving figure). My mother used to visit friends in hospital and care homes and refer to them as 'poor old things'. Once I asked her how old one of her friends was. She said 82. At the time she was over ninety and didn't consider herself old! It's a state of mind.


                Noise and overcrowding. Passenger to space racio is poor


                  Thank you very much for your help.


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