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P&O Azura vs Emerald Princess

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    Originally posted by Barrowman, Bedford View Post
    And lets not forget all your P&O points will count towards discounts on Princess too,......just pity it doesn't work the other way.

    Do try the crispy bacon, is to die for,.... just a pity they insist on cutting the great British banger into small bit-size pieces.....
    Do you know the best way to get the loyalty points added? I have spotted I am at platinum tier on Princess booking but the rest of the family isn't, but should be. Not sure whether to contact the agent or Princess in the first instance. Now I've seen the benefits of free internet I am keen to make sure everyone on the correct loyalty tier.


      We have cruised many times on both P&O and Princess but I must say Princess every time. Hoping to cruise on the Royal Princess next year. We have looked at both Britannia and Royal reviews and videos and Royal comes out on top.


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