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Kids club on the Anthem of the Seas

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    Kids club on the Anthem of the Seas

    The kids club on the anthem of the seas is on decks 10/11 or 11/12 from what I remember, I was on there on the maiden voyage with my two children - one 6 and another 10.

    We have been cruising with our children several times before and they really love it, it is the highlight of their year.

    The Anthems club is not on the open deck it is below deck with no windows therefore you don't know what time of day it is it also has no adjoining water areas.

    In the past a lot of the ships we have been on have a water play incorporated not this one, also the gaming room is a long way from the kids club, so if your child wants to play xbox then you are sitting with them to do it, as they need to leave the signed in club and go there independently.

    The staff in the club were very nice, but even they didn't like the position of the club as they found it also very uncomfortable.

    So...... good kids club but shame they didn't think more about the people using it

    Glad to hear the children had some good experiences before your unfortunate incident...Carol


      I can honestly say that before the horrible stateroom incident we were having a great time,

      There were a few odd niggly bits which annoyed but the ship itself is fine, as per anything you can't condemn everything on the ship due to a few not so brilliant staff, having children myself and knowing what kids are like thought some mums and dads would like this bit of info


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