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Best for Baby Friendly Med cruise from Southampton?

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    Best for Baby Friendly Med cruise from Southampton?


    I am new to the forum and cruising. We are considering a 2 week Summer cruise from Southampton to the Med. What would you recommend?

    We have a baby of 1 yr and are very keen to minimise any seasickness in the Bay of Biscay - would a large ship be best for this / which one?

    In addition we are keen on entertainment and baby friendly ships that are not over run by kids.



    Bigger ships are best for stability, in a lower deck amidships cabin. However apart from Olsen and Saga (popular with the more mature passenger) there are few small ships these days. The Bay of Biscay can often be calm in the summer months. RCI have a good reputation for families of all ages.
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      thanks v. much.


        P&O would be very good for you as they have a supervised night nursery from around 6pm til 2am so that would leave your evening free. They have a kids tea around 5pm. There are playrooms during the day for younger children but those under two have to be accompanied by one parent. Note that Arcadia and Artemis are adult only but all the other ships accept children....Brian


          Cheers Brian.


            First Cruise?

            Originally posted by Malcolm Oliver, Essex View Post
            Bigger ships are best for stability, in a lower deck amidships cabin.
            Yes, that's what you want..
            a cabin amidships on a lower deck (perhaps the lowest deck)
            amidships= not too far forward, not too far aft.

            Talk your your Travel Agent -let them know what you need.

            Ocean View cabins
            with a large sealed picture window to the outside world..
            are preferable to an Interior, where the TV is your only 'window'

            This was our (lower deck) Ocean View cabin on Caribbean Princess
            -we didn't feel any queasy at all

            It's all you really need!

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