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Ventura's family focus receives mixed response

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    maybe out of line here, but, my children, my responsability and I do not shirk that, so if I am to go on shore and the children cant stay then they will come with me, simple as that.


      Originally posted by Wingerowl, Chesterfield View Post
      ...I do not have children "my love".
      I do, although they're adults now. But when they were younger we wouldn't have dreamt of going on holiday without them. Our holidays were family holidays - mostly camping because that's all we could afford.

      To me, leaving your children on the ship implies two things: First, you don't particularly want them with you; and second, they don't particularly want to be with you. But perhaps that's how some families are?



        Steady now, children.

        Some people are always concerned for their children, some people consider this to be not giving children enough breathing space.
        Others let their children have a free reign and this can be construed as not having enough control

        P & O have decided on a policy. If you don't like it, find an alternative, goodness there are enough options out there.



          I don't mind staying on the ship if the chidren are in the club, I get time to sunbathe without having to worry if someone has drowned one of my little darlings in the pool, but I did take advantage on OV of the facility on the ship that if you booked a ships trip you could pay to leave the children for the duration of the tour. We went scuba diving in Rhodes which the children being under 12 couldn't have done and had an exciting grown up afternoon.

          We get enough time together through the day that I don't mind them going of an evening AFTER we've all had dinner. They have never got bored on land tours mainly because I take them to things they'll enjoy ~ castles, museums with lots of armour and cannons, etc. or I make them walk round something I want to do and the next day we do the beach or a waterpark.

          And as has been said before if your child is moaning and demanding then that's the way you've brought them up to be!

          Family holidays are just that and expecting not to see your children for 7 days or 2 weeks isn't fair on your children.

          P.S. If I don't want to see the children I ask their Grandmas to look after them for 3 days and have a quick cheap trip to spain about once a year.
          We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.sigpic


            All my friends advised against it , saying he was too young , would never remember it , but
            when my son was six years old I took him for a 5 month holiday based in Oxford, England .

            We had two weeks on Capri in a hotel with a swimming pool , took the tiny bus to Anacapri and the chair lift to to very top where there was a restaurant with 360 degree views of the bay and Mt. Vesuvius. Saw the Blue Grotto, took the winding road of the Amalfi Coast to see the Emerald Grotto.

            Then to Corfu for two weeks for sightseeing , lovely hotel again . One night there was a special performance of Greek dancing and we joined a table of Greek guests who made us very welcome. I wondered why the dancers were performing mainly for our table until I was told the next day that these people were the owners !

            My son also had a lengthy argument with a little French girl in the swimming pool with neither of them able to understand each other ! Do you wonder about worldwide unrest and misunderstanding???

            Next stop was Canada in the autumn with all the incredible colours and the Ontario Science Museum which he loved !
            Lots of interactive exhibits to help children to learn.

            Then to Disneyland ( couldn't bypass that ! ) had a magical
            time there which included the electric light parade at night. Unforgettable .

            I had to ask permission to take him away from school and was told the experience would teach him far more.

            In short, it was the happiest time of my life and my son loved every moment , meeting all types of people and found a love of flying and travelling which has continued to this day.

            He now has a BSc and is an air traffic controller, married to a doctor.

            So , yes !!! Take your children travelling .
            Last edited by Christiaan, Ocean Shores; 4th January 2010, 10:02 PM.


              Originally posted by Christiaan, Ocean Shores View Post
              ...In short, it was the happiest time of my life and my son loved every moment , meeting all types of people and found a love of flying and travelling which has continued to this day.

              He now has a BSc and is an air traffic controller, married to a doctor.

              So , yes !!! Take your children travelling .
              Nice one Christiaan!


                My DH's family would sail from their home in S. Africa every few years, buy a big old banger, and drive round Europe, camping in the strangest places, in wind and snow....This was parents and 5 kids! They've all grown up to love travel- and each other- and all had good degrees and careers, and will still camp out under the stars given the chance.
                MIL takes master classes at a US university every summer, and goes skinny dipping in the lake there, with 2 of her adult children. She's planning next summer's trip, even tho' she was 95 at Christmas.......


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