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Greetings from the Baltic aboard Balmoral

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    Greetings from the Baltic aboard Balmoral

    I've just received a call from our Expert Gardener, John Cushnie. He's aboard Fred. Olsen's Balmoral and at the time of his call he and our group of gardeners were enjoying their cruising day, relaxing in the sunshine. He even admitted it was a little too hot!

    The group have all met and enjoyed their first get-together and today they're in Copenhagen where a visit has been planned to the Botanical Gardens. So a good start to the cruise. John even described the sailing from Dover as the calmest he'd experienced - like a millpond! They're all really looking forward to their 2 days in St Petersburg and I'll ask them to recommend any trips for those thinking of joining a similar cruise in the future.

    Take a sneak preview of our Garden Themed Cruises - the Baltic features next June, again aboard Balmoral.

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