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    Originally posted by Wilba View Post
    Laines vocal on Go Now was the best thing they done for me.

    I used to watch Denny Laine and the Diplomats in the local pubs. Bev Bevan was their drummer in those days.........Wilba
    Hi again
    Didn't know that....you learn something every day
    Drummer with one of my other faves...ELO or as those that are left are called The Orchestra Part 2
    They used to gig at our local Guildhall once a year but due fo falling attendances the nearest they come is Oxford.


      On a theme?

      A world cruise or even a free one!
      Lancashire Cunarder


        Originally posted by Wilba View Post
        My wife would love that too Jo
        Wilba- this Year's Really Big Chorus is a week on the river Rhone, learning madrigals and Gounod's St Cecilia. It's on Oct 31st for a week, and they've booked the entire ship for singers/partners.....if you want to Google it.


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