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UK/Ireland cruise.

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    Originally posted by Dm6045, Hastings View Post
    we did the RB last year on princess and it was fab we were lucky in that we only had 1 rainy day and that was st peter port every other day was in the mid 20s but we went with a backup plan that if the weather was awful we would just get of everyday as we normally stay onboard most of the time by the pool. Spoke to quite a few english families with kids and they all said it was fantastic and that they were glad they did this as they said they would rather have this 12 night cruise than a week in the med for a lot more money, admittedly our sailing was on offer for 299 but you cant beat that for a summer holiday. Personally i think if you have an open mind weather wise it is a fantastic summer holiday.
    Now that was a steal at £299(how did I miss that one) that's cheaper than staycation, even at £599 they are great value.
    As long as there are enough kids on they will be happy and not really care where the ship is going.

    Also at £299 they become great getaways for a solo even at 200% cost.

    The med is too hot for us in the summer and most places are too packed with tourists.


      Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post
      Hi JC

      Thought you may like this as a reminder, taken by another Derek in Liverpool on 7th May 2014, was that the start of your cruise, anyway I thought of you when I saw this photo.

      I LOVE this photo Delboy. It's almost like a painting. Are you sure it's not one of yours!!!!


        That,s what puts me off a GB cruise,i love the sun shining on me on holiday. Jan.


          Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
          I LOVE this photo Delboy. It's almost like a painting. Are you sure it's not one of yours!!!!
          Mrs M

          I can assure you it's not one of mine, although we share the same Christian name, the Derek who took the photo comes from Liverpool.

          He does this with most of his photo's, works on them, looking at his exif details using Photoshop, making them to look more like a painting than a photo. Some people like it others are not so keen. Here is a link to his Flik'r site if you want to see more of the them.

          Last edited by Delboy, Essex; 19th May 2014, 01:18 PM.

          Photo Albums





            There are some stunning golf courses (including a 9 hole course) within close proximity of Invergordon. A fabulous distillery in Alness just a couple of miles distant and many more a little further. I cannot understand why the cruise lines do not play to our strengths. As for the weather, there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing. In Inverness today, I spoke with a couple sitting on a bench with their tour labels on. They were from the Ruby Princess which was in Invergordon. They said it was very cold ( they were from Austin, Texas) - we on the other hand felt it was very pleasant - 16 degrees. As I said - wrong clothing!
            Last edited by Lawnmowerman, Tain; 19th May 2014, 06:49 PM. Reason: No ******** paragraphs - Grrrrr!



              Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
              I LOVE this photo Delboy. It's almost like a painting. Are you sure it's not one of yours!!!!
              It's a stunner!



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