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Should gay cruises stop at homophobic ports?

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    Originally posted by Malaga, Malaga View Post
    I agree with your comments, however I don't think the others are referring to hand holding and caring looks as being obnoxious. They are referring to the overtly sexual behaviour of some gay men, intent on shocking others, just because they can, at events like gay pride. Straight couples just don't do this to the same extent. Unfortunately it is the behaviour of a few that tars the whole gay community with the "promiscuous" brush, when I know it to be so not the case.
    Kind regards
    You mean the type of gay men that are now wearing make up and wincing around with man bags like you see on x factor and other grotty shows like big brother The world around us is changing rapidly


      Originally posted by Richard, colwyn bay View Post
      You mean the type of gay men that are now wearing make up and wincing around with man bags like you see on x factor and other grotty shows like big brother The world around us is changing rapidly
      Yes the world is changing rapidly, it is time to have more tolerance. Think back to segregation of blacks and whites, unmarried mothers , the lack of facilities for the disabled and the stigma of mental illness. There are many, many more examples of those who are different.

      Understanding and education have achieved so much for the minorities who had the bad luck to be outside the the idea of those perceived as normal.

      Think about about it, none of these conditions is contagious you have nothing to fear.


        Originally posted by hackney6907@bellsouth.net, Parkland, Florida View Post
        I don't think that gay cruises should be banned from the Bahamas as they desperately need the revenue there. However gay people sometimes feel,I think,that they need to display too much of their lifestyle and behaviour in public which becomes quite obnoxious to the non- participants - that is the problem.
        I think the point is to use your pink pound well ie don't spend in homophobic places.


        Your point about displaying too much of a lifestyle in public being obnoxious to non participants... when straights dont hold hands in public.. then I will give it up too!!


          Originally posted by liauq, w mids View Post
          in certain societies, forms of expressing love which are acceptible in the west may need restraint.believe that time is on your side.
          When we visited Israel & Palestine a couple of years ago, we were told, when visiting some sites, that we should not, for example, hold our partner's hand whilst there, the gender of our partner being irrelevant.


            It makes sense to ask clientele on LGBT cruises where they prefer to cruise. It seems logical that it would benefit both the cruise line and the passengers.

            I do wish to point out that being gay is not a lifestyle. It is a quality some human beings are born with. Also, please understand that most places in the world do not treat LGBT people equally. A few nations, yes. But most countries - even western ones - have a long road to travel before anyone can reliably assert that gay rights have come to fruition. People are certainly entitled to their opinions, however.


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