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A Rainbow of Choice: Cruising for Gay people

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    A Rainbow of Choice: Cruising for Gay people

    I don't think we've covered this subject on the forum yet, so I thought it was about time....

    A few years ago if you were gay and looking to go on a 'gay-friendly' cruise, your options were limited - if available at all!

    Thankfully, nowadays, gays and lesbians with a love of the open sea have a bewildering number of cruising choices.

    Depending on whether you want to play just a bit gay or very gay, you can choose from a friendly mainstream cruise, an organised gay group on a mainstream cruise, a gay cruise organized by the cruise line itself, a mixed family cruise, or a full-on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) cruises

    The most prominent agencies that coordinate with the cruise industry seem to be based in the USA (see list below). If you know of any UK Cruise Travel Agents - please add to this thread to help & inform others!Regent Seven Seas; Crystal Cruises; Seabourn

    Premium: Princess; Celebrity; Holland America; Cunard

    Modern/More Casual: NCL; Royal Caribbean; Carnival

    Yachts: Seabourn; Windstar

    On the other hand, here is a list of cruise lines that are known to be unpopular amongst the gay community, for one reason or another...

    Disney Cruise Line; Midwestern; Viking; Uniworld...
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    Robinson Cruisoe, Mrs
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    Wonder why Uniworld is considered unpopular with the gay community. My partner and I had a wonderful cruise with them, and met some great (married) people. Also, at least one crew member was gay.


      i SEEM TO BE MISSING A POINT HERE. Do lesbian and homosexuals not class themselves as "normal" which they are, and if so .... why special cruising. I am "normal" I think, but I have been classed as a head case at times, but I cannot seek a cruise just for a certain liking. I have mixed with all kinds of people some of which may be "gay" and some people just happy. I do not discriminate against any other people I travel with so why does the gay community not want to travel with me and how do you tell us apart. I do not understand the term "gay friendly", do they have different music, different films, different all kinds of entertainment or different ports of call.??? We are all on a cruise for one reason and that is to have a really good time and segregation of any kind of person can not be good for any cruise so if you want to be on a gay (happy) ship then we have to learn to live together. Luv ya all xx Jean


        Dear Jean,
        As a gay cruiser myself, I have only cruised on RCI & Celebrity at present which I found gay friendly, i.e. they did not discriminate and also helped arrange cocktail parties to meet other gay passengers on board. The same as bridge players would like to meet other bridge players. Information like this is useful in choosing a ship just as much as which facilities are on board it is too late to discover once on board if the cruise line will not assist in these matters.
        Some gay people like to go on an all gay ship because then the entertainment, music and activities are then very different to your normal mixed cruise, and believe me as a non gay you would not wish to be on one of these cruises!! as so too do many gays, each style of cruise to each person all the more reason for being well informed in the first place.
        In either case it is not a matter of exclusion but merely of choice the same as you exercise when choosing a cruise line. I myself very much enjoy the mixed company that the mainstream lines offer and enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life but at the same time finding myself on a line that openly discourages gays would ruin an expensive holiday for me. Look forward to meeting you on a gay friendly ship sometime ,
        luv Steve


          Well put Englishlad. Jane, I was pleased to read that, like me, you do not discriminate against others, but how comfortable would you feel seeing same sex couples acting as 'normal' people? ie. walking around deck holding hands, or sitting in the bar or theater with arms around each other.


            Jane, you might be well adjusted and happy to see same sex couples together, but sadly some people can be offended and even abusive towards LGTG passengers. I can well imagine that gay passengers would prefer to be among others who accepted them and didn't make them feel uncomfortable and it will be a great day indeed when this eventually happens, which it will, as people become more educated.


              well Kev.... I think if people were more tactile then the world would be a happier friendlier place ... and I would not be offended in the least to people holding hands .... linking each other or even hugging regardless of age .. or sex... I think the tragic realisation is the fact that people are stigmatised for showing affection..... we were taught from childhood to keep holding hands but now it would be frowned upon and teachers would be wary of putting same sex children together.... where will it end ... discrimination is in the eyes of the beholder.... luv ya all xx....Jean


                Hi Jean...now if only everyone in the world thought like you! Apologies for not getting your name right in my earlier posting.


                  Originally posted by kevs46, manila View Post
                  Well put Englishlad. Jane, I was pleased to read that, like me, you do not discriminate against others, but how comfortable would you feel seeing same sex couples acting as 'normal' people? ie. walking around deck holding hands, or sitting in the bar or theater with arms around each other.
                  it wouldn't bother me. I feel sorry for Gay people as they cannot show each other affection in public. I can cuddle and, if hubbies luck is in :D, give him a kiss in public. I know if Gays were to show affection in public a lot of people would be offended but why? life is too short so I say live and let live.

                  PS not sure if hubbie agrees with me re gays showing affection in public though
                  don't want to work, just want to cruise.


                    Azamara are 'doing' a Gay cruise next year(?) and why not. They also have Friends of Dorothy meetings.
                    Hand holding amongst men is perfectly common in some countries, Eygpt for one, indeed Luxor has lots of entertainment for Gays. Live and let live.
                    Lets all have lots of affection.


                      My experience is to think about who the clientelle are going to be on a specific trip.

                      RCCI are fine and will arrange LGBT meetings etc, but on a transatlantic from Galveston with 80% of the passengers from Texas (and all that good old bouy redneck attitude!) It simply wasnt going to be comfortable to out oneself by attending!

                      So... I stayed in the very comfortable closet... which I felt really guilty about because some of the BME crew were really getting it all around me.

                      RCCI I would do again at the drop of a hat.. but not straight out of Texas!!

                      Similarly on a recent Princess 21 night Panama transit with a profile of older pasengers... lots of comments being made about some boys who were clearly together. However with a 40% Brit contingent it was much easier and safer to just be me and to challenge quietly but firmly!

                      So make good choices people, and have a fabulous time whatever you choose to do (and with whomever you choose to do it)!!



                        Last year my partner and I took a vacation in Croatia with Sailing.hr.. It was an organised 7 day gay sailing trip, the organisation was great, we had no problems what so ever and the things they have planed and offered were really something to remember, partying all day long, lonely beaches, gathering and all together couldnt been any better..


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