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Duty free ? is it 200 ciggs and 1 litre spirit? total for round trip?

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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi antalismy.
    So if its just one way,,,,,you can't have any?
    Its a Duty Free allowance going out,,,,and a Duty Free allowance coming back.
    If you don't open the allowance going out,you can bring it back in.

    Never heard of a roundtrip allowance!!
    Hi JC

    If it was a one-way trip you wouldn't be coming back into UK, so it wouldn't apply.

    It's definitely an allowance to bring back into Uk that counts. Where you bought them and how doesn't matter (unless of course you've paid tax in EU) It's 200 cigarettes, and that's that. I'm afraid.

    Hope you're feeling better.


      St. Martin has a Tommy Hilfiger and a couple of luxury shops. There are also duty free shops at the cruise terminal selling cigarettes and spirits and they take credit cards. There are many small shops on the main street in St. Martin selling spirits and cigarettes too but they take cash only.
      St. Kitts and St. Lucia have duty free shops too but they are not as cheap as St. Martin.


        thanks for ther info peeps, most helpful


          Just make sure you smoke the first 200 whilst on your balcony and bring another 200 back


            An additional test aga
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              On a day trip by the Tunnel, Myself, OH, Brother in law and his wife motored up to Attenkirch in Belgium, the cheap Chocolate and ciggies kingdom. On returning to the train boarding centre, we were stopped at the English Border Control and asked where we had been. Telling them that we had been to Attenkirch, they immediately asked us how much tobacco and how many cigarettes did we have. We stated that we did not have any of the aforementioned as we were all non smokers, but we did have 24 boxes of chocolates. She was not interested in our chocolates, but said that she did not believe that we had no tobacco/cigarettes, so how many did we have. We again stated that we did not have those articles. She then called in two officers, one with a dog and we were taken to a search area. These two officers searched the car and our luggage but found no tobacco/cigarettes. No apology for calling us liars just told us to go. We were able to catch our train with minutes to spare..............John


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