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First time cruise questions

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    First time cruise questions

    I wonder if anyone can help me with a few queries. We're looking at booking a trip on the Ocean Village in April for seven days, calling at Crete, Corfu, Venice, Dubrovnik and a coule of other places....

    We like to be independent, and wouldn't want to book excursions. Is it possible to get off the ship in your own time and explore at your own leisure, or do you have to go on organised trips?

    What is the procedure for disembarking/embarking at each port? Is it quick and simple, or is there as much security/time as involved as going through airports? Just wondering how long it takes etc?

    All help/advice gratefully received!

    It's much easier than you think! ;) - all of it.

    You aren't going to 'have much time' for air travel
    -not after cruising! :D

    Coming out of Barcelona - OV2, Sept. 2008

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      What happens when you arrive in a port depends on whether you are docking or anchoring/tendering.

      If you are docked once the arrival formalities are completed and the gangway is lowered you are ready to go, either on a ships excursion or doing your own thing. You just show your ships card on leaving or arriving and passports are usually not required although many take a photocopy with them and leave the original in the their cabin safe.

      If the ship anchors you have to take a tender to shore and those going on ships excursions might get preference on early departures. The tenders then run an all day shuttle service between ship and shore.

      The ship may provide information about the port for 'do it yourselfers' and you can always check out online cruise forums for extensive information about almost any destination.
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        Hi Looby you will love the OV and it is so simple to leave and board the ship they will always give you a time to be back onboard have a great time :D
        life is great :D


          I was also amazed to discover that some non-cruisers believe that you HAVE to leave the ship when she docks- bit like Blackpool boarding houses in the early 50s. Some of the best cruise days are when you're utterly exhausted from all the walking around, and you just stay on the ship. I love going on a Med Cruise to Civvi with loads of Americans, who leave for Rome at 7am, whilst we stagger up to the buffet at 10.....Jo.


            Of course the bars and restaurants are open all day and entertainments should be available for the exhausted.

            In my experience the buffet is VERY busy at 10am and luckily I have my breakfast at 7am. You can try the main restaurant though where additional goodies might be available that are not offered in the buffet.


              Don't get sucked in by paying over exagerated prices on board for excursions just go for it and do your own thing. Once on board call at the excursion desk and pick leaflets up on the excursions this will give you an idea on what to do. talk to the staff they aren't too pushy with selling just tell them you'll have a think about it. Plan before you dock and just chill it is a cruise to relax as well if you want to stay on board its not compulsory to get off.


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