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first time anxious cruiser!

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    first time anxious cruiser!

    Good day - just about to book first cruise on Ventura to the med in July. Very apprehensive as am claustrophobic & terrified of heights!!
    However we have opted for a balcony cabin which should take care of the claustrophobia - i hope!!

    I am however very excited & kids looking forward to it - well a kid & a teen. Have been told that there will be plenty of entertainment for them onboard the Ventura.

    One question please - are all restaurants, tapas bars etc free to eat or do you have to pay for some?

    Love this forum & looking forward to chatting lots more

    Mrs N x

    You and the kids will love the Ventura. We sailed to the Canaries on her at Easter. There are some speciality restaurants that you do have to pay extra for but we found the food was so good that we felt we didn't need to pay any extra. You won't feel claustrophobic as she is huge!!!!!
    Enjoy and have a great time.



      I'm sure you'll have a great time. Your first cruise is always something special and from what I understand there is loads for the kids to do on Ventura as it is especially marketed as a family ship.
      Cruising my way through life!



        thanks Trish,

        thats fantastic! I,m sure we will have a great time. Did you take your own soft drinks on board? I,m sure i read somewhere that you are allowed to do this but there also seems to be a drinks package that you can buy for the kids?
        thanks in advance
        Mrs N




            There is a drinks package but you would have to look on the P&O site for the prices as I have never used it. On the tag. can we help it details the current price for the package and I have seen they do one that includes icecream..
            Yes you can take drinks on board .. coke squash etc... and your own water.
            Yes some places do charge for food the Tapas bar and the specility resturant charge again on the P&O site you can see the menus and charges.

            Yes there is non stop activities for children


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