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Help, first cruise and confused!!!

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    Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post
    We have sailed on both RCI IOS and P&O Ventura. No we are not young, but as a young couple, in my opinion, you would enjoy either ship, in the way of facilities and entertainment on board. However for food, silver service, and as you say the little touches, bed turned down at night, chocolate on the pillow, biscuits in your cabin, to have with your tea or coffee, replenished as fast as you can eat them. China cups in your cabin, not cardboard or plastic etc, etc. It also has a nice couple of alternative eating restaurants open at night.
    Lower on board costs, such as free shuttle buses, also lower drink costs.
    Hello Zoe, whilst we have never sailed on IOS we have done many cruises with RCI as well as sailing with P&O. I agree with all that Delboy says and would add that my wife and I both like having a laundry/ironing room on most decks of Ventura. However I would add that whilst the drinks are cheaper on Ventura I don't think that the measures relating to spirits are as large. I also don't think that the choice of food is as good on Ventura as on RCI both in the main dining rooms or the buffets. Finally, it certainly does not in my opinion have the ability to impress visually as do the RCI ships. As you will appreciate this is only my opinion and I am sure that which ever one you choose you will have a good time.


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