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2d obstructed view balcony cabin

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    2d obstructed view balcony cabin

    We have booked a 2d cabin (6202) on the eclipse and have been told by the cruise line via the travel agent that it is partially obstructed - however looking at the ship pictures it would appear to have the lifeboats that are the larger type in front of it and not the smaller type.
    Can anyone inform me as to the correct visability from one of these cabins with the larger lifeboat in front of it?

    This is a description of cabin 6198, two cabins away from yours. If you look at the deck plans on the Celebrity site you can see how your cabin compares.

    This cabin is located between tender boats 2 and 3. Because the balcony
    is between the struts for the lifeboats, you can see down to the water.
    While seated on the balcony, it is possible to see over the top of the
    tender out to the water. If standing at the rail on the balcony, the view
    over the tender to the water and horizon is good. No problems with the
    cabin itself.
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      Thanks for your quick response - Off to check deck plans!!


        Heres a link to a photo. A 2D has the lifeboat roof inline with your balcony rail, whereas a 2C will have the roof inline with the floor of the balcony hence the difference in the size of the lifeboats, as you correctly state they are of the bigger type for a 2D Grade


        And just so you know as it has 3rd/4th occupancy then the bed will be nearest the bathroom - sofa nearest the balcony. (All cabins alternate configuration along the deck)
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