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Welcome To The Cruise For Forum Members

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    Welcome To The Cruise For Forum Members

    The idea of a forum cruise has been discussed many times and although Cruise dot tried to arrange one last year, it fell through, mainly I think because it wasn't the kind of short cruise we wanted, so I have been looking at short cruises next year [gives time to plan] and came up with Queen Mary, 4th Sept 2014. A four nighter taking in Cherbourge and Zeebrugge.

    I 'polled' some of the members I'm in regular contact with and it seemed to be a winner.

    To this end, we would like to announce the forum cruise.

    Queen Mary 4th September 2014. 4 nights.

    This forum cruise is open to all. No invitations will be issued and ALL members are welcome. You can cruise as a solo, share with another like minded member or bring along your other half/cruising partner. It's up to you.

    We need 16 members [including other halves/cruising friends] to make a group booking. We already have a few.

    A group booking does give a small obc - $15, but its main purpose is to give us group dining which is part of the idea of a forum cruise. Parking will not be included as this is a short cruise.

    To be classed a group, the first 16 members will have to pay their deposits within a 7 day period. The group will then be established and members can make a Vantage booking as and when they feel like it at a later date and be part of the forum group booking. The bookings will be on a Vantage basis and one can choose one's cabin.

    The bookings will be made through John Campion johnc@cruise.co.uk or on 0800 408 6186 at cruise.co.uk. and he will keep an eye on the numbers for us.

    This is for Vantage bookings only. Late/Getaway bookings cannot be classed as part of the group and therefore can't be included in the dining plans which I anticipate to be Britannia, 2nd sitting, but they can, of course, come along and be part of our social scene.

    I have to say this is NOT arranged by the forum's parent company. It is arranged by us by booking directly with John Campion, but the forum mods. will keep the thread alive each week.

    Nisha has created a special forum cruise roll call which you can join once you've booked: http://www.cruises.co.uk/1539-special_forum_cruise, or you can book privately with John and not make your participation 'public'. It's up to you. The roll call will be seen by members only.

    The only thing I must stress though, is if you want to join the group booking, ie dine as a group, the booking must be made through John.

    Any questions, ask me via the thread or a PM or email John C johnc@cruise.co.uk

    Here are the basics.

    Itinerary QM 11 – 04th September 2014 – Forum Group

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