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Rants, moans & grumbles - PLAY FAIRLY

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    Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post
    You can go into your profile and turn those off, I forget how its done. All I know is I used to get them, and somebody told me how to get rid of them.
    Go to user profile> part way down lhs is edit options > there's a series of email options - one of which is subscriptions >change the drop down box to no email.


      you the man stan

      Originally posted by stanandmaydupp, doncaster View Post
      I'm getting really worried that the forum will become totally uncontrovertial and end up being BEIGE.It's making me go Grey with worry,and now I'm seeing Red.Am I being a bit Green in thinking that some of you are Yellow.The Black moods are not helping either,but at least I get a bit of pleasure from my Blue movies,Actually I'm in the Buff,and tickled Pink that it's still possible to be Transparent an Opaque at the same time.Colourful Stan.;)
      keep em coming stan, you make me smile...:D


        Originally posted by Pete, Caerphilly View Post
        Jim, go to "Quick links" in the blue bar near the top of the page, left mouse click, menu appears

        Left mouse click " Subscribed topics"

        left mouse click the little boxes on the extreme right of all the topics you don't want e-mails about or (click the box above groups of topics, next to "notification" and that will mark all the topics in that group of 10 on that page)

        Left mouse click the little down arrow on the subscribed topics at the bottom of the screen

        select "no e-mail notification" with a left mouse click

        then press the little "GO" button

        Repeat on every page of your subscribed topics

        Any you want to keep getting emails for eg Roll call messages , must have an empty box next to it

        Then you are sorted


        I'm off cruising tomorrow evening (will be here till about 5.00pm) so if you can't understand this maybe someone else can help or you can wait a week till I'm back
        Have a great cruise Pete. I hope you are getting away form this rotten weather.


          Originally posted by Smith, Crayford View Post
          Have a great cruise Pete. I hope you are getting away form this rotten weather.
          Thanks for the sentiments Jill, I've now been on the cruise and come back It was very enjoyable thanks but not that good on the weather front.Here is a link to the review ( which got posted twice because of a glich in the system)


          Congrats on going to the awards and if I were 20 years younger and not married.....................Oh no I'll get into trouble from the OH



          If I can't be SKIING then CRUISING is the next best thing


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