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Sloppy service – Does it change your own behaviour

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    Originally posted by jimtheoldsalt, felixstowe View Post
    Show us the photo and then I can compare when we get on the Azura in september,
    I would love to Jim but I haven't been able to add photos to this forum in about 3 years!
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      Originally posted by Cooke, Ashby View Post
      The only time we have has less than perfect service was when the after dinner coffee was cold. Obviously someone had not closed the thermos jug. I mentioned it quietly to a wine waiter and asked him to discretely tell the waiter concerned, because I did not wish to get him in trouble with the AMD. The waiter was very apologetic. No problem.
      You reminded me of a breakfast we were at on Constellation, we were on a large table with mainly American's ,we were part way thruogh the meal when one lady asked for more coffee ,no one came with it she asked 3 more waiters and still no coffee or tea.The Lady was getting more agitated and grabbed a passing manager ,there were 4 covering the MDR, He said I will get someone to get some ,you just need to asked.
      She Exploded telling him to do his job properly and the @@@@ Coffee and tea himself she really ripped into him .she pointed out he would be hand out for his tip ,for the crap service he was overseeing?
      In fairness that was the only time we have had a problem with table service...Taffy


        I have never done this type of service job, plenty of others but that's another post.

        The staff doing these jobs could be our children and are someone's and they can't fight back, had someone behaved as Taffy describes in front of me I would make my views very clear, I detest bullies and that is what she was. Taffy, no criticism intended I wasn't there but I grew up treating people equally and appreciating when I was treated equally.


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