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Virgin's Scarlet Lady Cabin Refresh

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    I don't remember storage being a problem but we only sailed for 4 nights. I liked the cabin design, especially the red hammock on the balcony.


      my main thing for storage is shoes.... I take 1 evening sandals, 1 day sandals and trainers for going ashore........ My husband on the other hand takes 2 pairs of sandals, 2 lots of evening shoes a pair of sketchers and trainers which are then fighting for floor space in the cabin.. I keep kicking them under the bed but they still find their way to the middle of the floor and when I trip over them on one of my nightly toilet runs they are slung at the nearest wall........I wouldnt mind but he only ever wears 1 sandals and 1 evening shoe, all the rest are just taken on holiday!!! and thats not to mention all his " too small shirts " that " honest, they fitted when I tried them on! "


        As I’m the one who does all the packing any overpacking of shoes and clothes is down to me 🤣. I do tend to pack more than we really need “just in case”, but who doesn’t? Certainly, the older I get the more comfortable my shoes have to be with my trainers for the journey to the ship, a pair of daytime sandals and probably 2 pairs of evening sandals.

        Take care. Helen👟


          Having transitioned to packing cubes shelves are a lot better than drawers for anything not going on hangers as it stays in the cubes.


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