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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi Issy
    As a habitual reader of food labels and also a Carb counter you are right about natural sugars,,,that’s where the ‘no added sugars’ confuse people…..they add Fructose to make the product sweet,,,Fructose is not far off sugar.
    Most fruits are full of sugar.
    I can look at a jar of jam suitable for Diabetics and yet see Carb content between 30/50g per 100g of product.
    I look for Carb content of around 10/20g per 100g of product.

    JC you and my hubby would have a great time together to see who can talk about sugar and cards in food the most. 🍰🍰🙈😂😂😂 If I hear him saying ‘do you know how many sugars there is in that?’ I’m going to scream. 🙄😂😂😂😂
    don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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