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Cunard Struggling?

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    Originally posted by Smith7 View Post

    I've sailed with several cruise lines and have never seen female waiters in the MDRs. I've always thought this was because waiters have to carry heavy trays laden with several meals at a time. I know that I couldn't do that! We were served in the speciality restaurant by females but they only served one table at a time.
    We frequently have [had] a lovely female waiter to do the waiting on table, She had an assistant to fetch and carry. She is Eastern European and such good fun. We also have had a female Head Waiter. Again, Eastern European and again, great fun.

    Hopefully, they will have renewed their contracts and we'll meet them again.


      Carnival have employed female waiters for years.................Wilba


        Originally posted by annie, Glasgow View Post

        Hi Jill

        Well I did it - I worked in UK hospitality during my student days in the '70s and it was only female serving staff in the dining rooms.

        I have seen female waiters in MDRs most often in NCL.

        I am trying to recall my days working in bars - what was heavier?? a full tray of pints of beer or a tray of plated meals??

        Even in the traditional Italian family run hotels, female waiters although rarer are not uncommon as I witnessed in the 1990s


        Well I admire your physical strength Annie. I have not sailed with NCL.


          Our first ever cruise was on Carnival and they definitely had female wait staff in the MDR as I remember remarking on the number of plated meals they were each carrying.

          That cruise has a lot to answer for as it started our passion for all things cruising.



            Originally posted by Smith7 View Post

            Well I admire your physical strength Annie. I have not sailed with NCL.
            Oh I couldn't do it now .... 50 years later.



              We have had female waiters and also a Maitre D on Cunard ships.

              Women work in all roles, including captain.


                Cunards official explanation re staffing issues is that the staff they do have are having difficulties getting to the ships. There are quarantine hurdles etc.


                  Had female waiters on Celebrity cruises.

                  Staffing problems will be greater obviously for the huge ships now.


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