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P&O International Cruising To Restart.

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    Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post

    Thanks Carol.

    Over the years I got used to negative posts on this forum especially in regards to P&O, but water and ducks backs come to mind.

    I only posted what I had received, nothing more nothing less.🀭😎


    International cruising to restart


      It's a start, but doesn't help us as we only do fly cruises. I just don't like cruising from home ports. Just had another fly cruise cancelled, so nothing planned yet. Perhaps a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel though.


        I think the significant change is dropping the UK only for cruises as that opens up all cruise options not just P&O(mainly ex UK).

        insurance can become valid again for fly cruises.

        The second major is the new rules on vaccinated potentially opens up mixed nationality cruises(previously on UK vaccinated were recognised.

        That leaves the issues around other countries restrictions and re entering the UK depending where you have been.

        Until the US let UK people in TAs are still speculative.


          Also, the media has said nothing about coming back to the UK and having to test 2 days before arrival, once when you have arrived and then another 8 days later. I would assume all this would still apply?


            Originally posted by Issyalex, Glasgow View Post

            Scotland/Greenock stopped the unvaccinated MSC ship from docking then banned other ships from docking due to our covid levels.
            ...unless you travelled by ship from Ireland, in which case it was/is a free for all. Utter stupidity.


              Originally posted by Wansbrough, North Somerset View Post
              Also, the media has said nothing about coming back to the UK and having to test 2 days before arrival, once when you have arrived and then another 8 days later. I would assume all this would still apply?
              The change to cruise rules ties in with the other changes allowing vaccinated in from other countries and with the current rules especially for amber and red.

              8 day test being dropped, that applies to vaccinated and amber but may apply in other cases(don't forget France is different ).


              AIUI if your cruise goes to amber you will need testing the last 3 days and the test on or before day 2 of arrival.

              Another thing that has been noticed is Marella have now put inside cabins back on sale, they can fill to 50% capacity with OV up so maybe they are anticipating the 50% limit being dropped.
              (the 1000 limit has already been dropped on vaccinated cruises).


                Morning everyone πŸ˜€. I am probably in the minority here as I like PO and enjoy their cruises. I am off work the week the cruises start as well. So we will be very interested in joining the cruise. I am not a fan of organised excursions, so won’t be doing them . However if we are allowed to leave the ship I will go and explore on my own. We are double jabbed like the majority of our age group, plus I had Covid in January it was awful as well. We have decided that we are not going to spend any more time hiding from this virus. We follow the rules the Welsh government put in place like everyone else, but if travel is allowed We are going. I think that at some point we will all have to live with the virus being around, but we need to start having a normal life as well. So far this month I have been to the Cotswolds on holiday, taken my grandchildren to the cinema and the beach. We are meeting friends for dinner tonight. Less than 6 months ago it felt like we would never get our lives back, now. with the success of the vaccine I believe we will. The importance of grabbing life, was highlighted to me last week by a very dear friend, who has just been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Nobody knows what is around the corner for us. So I am planning on living with the virus whilst staying as safe as I possibly can 🚒 .


                  I have a long standing booking for late October, out of Barcelona. I still won't bank on being able to go.
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