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Judith Cooke RIP

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    Very sorry to hear this news. Although I never met Judith, I followed her posts with interest and will miss her contributions.


      Thanks for letting us know Gill.

      Very sad but not unexpected news.

      Condolences to Alan and her daughter Alison.



        So very sad to hear this. But so glad she got some pleasure from the games threads. I too found comfort from the games, during the decline and passing of my dear husband in July 2014. But Alan and Alison will have the cruise memories to treasure as I do. RIP Judith.

        Carol x
        sigpic*Carol M*


          Hi all
          Very sad news,,a great supporter of the form.

          RIP Judith and condolences to the family
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            So.sorry to hear about Judith. Condolences to Alan and Alison.I'd been in.touch with her and messaged her recently and was worried she didn't message back.Judith had an eclectic taste in many things and was a Leigh rugby fan which I'm sure JC would find interesting. A great contributer to this forum and someone who would speak their mind, but never bear a grudge or worry that others didn't agree, but without an 'edge'.From what I knew a great foodie and lover of Seabourn life in general.RIP Judith


              Such sad news.
              Condolences from the Garfield household to Alan, Alison, family and friends

              RIP Judith

              The forum will be a poorer place without you.



                Sad news indeed. I didn’t know her personally but I’m aware that many of you did. She will be a loss to this forum. Sincere condolences


                  We met Judith and Alan on Celebrity Eclipse 11 years ago. Although most of us knew that Judith was fighting cancer for some time, it is still very sad to hear that she has lost the battle.

                  Our heartfelt condolences go to Alan and family at this very sad time.

                  RIP Judith.


                    I always enjoyed reading her posts. Condolences to her family.


                      I never met Judith but, reading her posts, I felt sad that her last months were spent living under such restrictions at this awful time, and that she was unable to cruise again when to do so would have given her much pleasure.

                      My sincere condolences to her family and friends.


                        Originally posted by All at sea, Yorks View Post
                        Dreadfully sorry to see this very sad news, I always read Judith’s posts with interest and sometimes also followed them on the games threads to see how she was doing.

                        But I have to thank you guys on the games threads. I think you did very well in keeping her spirits up, particularly when she was feeling very low with another infection or hospitalisation.

                        My sincere condolences to her husband and daughter.

                        Judith won’t be forgotten on this forum, we will miss her Seabourn reminiscences. .

                        R I P 🕯🕯🕯
                        Thank you for your kind words, All at sea, we did try and cheer her up in our own small way.


                          Originally posted by Gill Nickson, Albox View Post

                          Thank you for your kind words, All at sea, we did try and cheer her up in our own small way.
                          and PMs were an outlet for her sadness, acceptance and frustration at times.

                          It's good to talk folks and if being a member of an internet forum means you can connect and talk through your grief in private with folk you've become friends with but will probably never meet [think pen pals of the past] then all for the better.


                            That is such sad news, I am sorry to hear that.
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                              Originally posted by Gill Nickson, Albox View Post

                              Thank you for your kind words, All at sea, we did try and cheer her up in our own small way.
                              Such sad news, although I don't post much on here I did enjoy Judith's posts, I often caught up on the '5 word story' and ' answer a question with a question' to see how she was... I know how much you (Gill) and David (Barrowman) were so very kind and showed such huge support to her, keeping her as positive as could be, cheered her up as much as was possible in her poorly times....
                              Hold on to that Gill, you have been a wonderful cyber friend to Judith and it showed in her posts how she appreciated you beng there....
                              Bless her, may she rest in peace... Deepest sympathy to Alan and Alison xxx


                                I also didn't know Judith personally but felt I did know her a little from her posts. Very sorry to hear of her passing.


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