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covid on the Q.E

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    covid on the Q.E

    The B.B.C reports that Covid has been reported on the ship Covid: Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise crew members test positive for virus - BBC News

    Good job they found out before passengers board


      Originally posted by Cunardcruiser, at sea
      AS usual The BBC has to sensationalise the incident . Just to clarify ( from my reliable source who is also onboard, preparing for the 19th July staycation cruise ) it's two crew members with a mild condition identified during reporting to join the ship. The affected crew members are now in safe isolation .

      Interesting, the first news item the BBC put out last evening was full of error's ,however they have since rectified it . Hopefully all will be well for the first sailing on the 19th as I'm due to join it.
      There will cases of this virus popping up on ships for many months, if not a year or more. It's how the companies deal with it which is the important factor and I have every confidence Cunard, along with other lines have their protocols in place.
      If I had a staycation booked on QE., I wouldn't be at all bothered.

      Enjoy your holiday.



        There's another cruise cancelled.

        We were due to sail 6th August. QE cruises cancelled until 13th August.

        Our cruises seem to be the one before the restart, this year. Our QV Northern Lights in Oct was cancelled but the ones afterwards were re assigned to QE, and now our 6th Aug cancelled but 13th August is a goer.

        We have had so many cruises cancelled I have lost count but it's around seven or eight now.

        Bummer. We needed this break too!


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