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Holding Off Booking?

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    [QUOTE=ilovesunshine, east yorks;
    We are fit and well after our cruise. I am sure our squirts of First Defence in coaces and planes helped protect us from germs. Does anyone else use it?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, I use it as well especially when flying and also going to the supermarket at this time of year. I think it helps!


      Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
      In over twenty five years of cruising and often spending two months at sea per year, I have picked up a cold, once. That's it.

      I hold onto handrails/push lift buttons, never wipe anything down in the cabin and never use any sanitizer other than the stuff at the entrance to the Lido. I do, however, wash my hands an awful lot and carry a tube of Diprobase cream with me as an antidote to dry hand syndrome and I never use utensils provided when selecting my sushi from the buffet. I use the paper towel trick when using public loos

      Common sense is needed rather than a reliance on gels and I speak as a teacher who has ''caught'' up chuck product from a poorly child, in my bare hands on more than one occasion.

      Be a washer and not a walker.

      It works.
      What a refreshing post to read.

      I can’t really comment on the cruising aspect of fighting germ warfare as I’ve only two cruises under my belt. However, I can’t see it being much different to any other place which sees large gatherings of people, Cinemas, theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes public transport etc.

      Sensible precautions should be adhered to, washing hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently, hand gel sanitizer prior to eating and sensible precautions when using public restrooms. Reading some of the posts with the lengths people go to to avoid germs seems a bit over the top to me. I can’t say I see many people sanitising seats, tables, shopping trollies or anything where someone else may have touched whilst out and about. Many of the germs are airborne anyway so you won’t totally avoid them.

      Common sense as Mrs M suggests is what is required. I speak as a retired nurse where I have had the pleasure of handling numerous unmentionable products without succumbing to the dreaded lurgy.


        My granddaughter and me are booked for the 23rd of May on the Iona cruising to the Fiords , all paid up now , we have an IS always do doesn't bother us. We shall have to be patient and see how this all works out. CG


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