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Iona Maiden Cruise, Musical Line Up

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    Originally posted by Wilba View Post

    Yep it was the 80's, I remember it well.

    The 'American' lines started it, RCI, etc.

    P&O followed suit. Their charge , if I remember correctly was about £8.50...............Wilba
    Nothmg new then and long before my ocean cruising days began

    P&O are not going to please everyone but our Carol (WGC) who is booked on the Maiden is happy and I think the line-up is OK for the passenger list. They will know the demographics.



      Mmmm, can't say I am overwhelmed. Haven't heard of most of them. Denise van Outen is quite good, wouldn't see a drag artist if she/he/it was free, menu sounds not a lot different from P&O MDR menus but with a few more fancy words for the veggies.

      Looking forward to Iona in November although she will be by far the biggest ship we have been on.


        Hi all
        This was the act when i did the Limelight Club.
        A Morecambe & Wise tribute act.,,,they even looked like the real thing,,,,,,never stopped laughing......
        I don't think they would have pulled it off in a huge ships theatre,but in a small venue like the Limelight Club were they could bounce off the audience they were brilliant....


        C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
        "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


          I think it has been mentioned before...

          For a bit of cruise history there is a book Death By Chocolate from 2001 that covers quite a lot around food offerings.

          As well as pay for restaurants, celebrity chefs go back to the 80's/90's as well.


            Originally posted by Garfield, Waterlooville View Post
            Must get new glasses...I thought it said Iron Maiden cruise then saw the line up.
            It's most definitely not a heavy metal gig and Tony Hadley would be about the only one of those advertised that I'd like to see having seen him with Spandau.

            You are not alone Garf........run for the hills.


              Originally posted by lucy, sutton View Post
              All "has beens" and a bit of a cheek to sell tickets when those on the cruise have probably paid over the odds for the maiden cruise anyway.
              I don't class Alexandra Burke as a has been. We booked a year in advance to see her in the Bodyguard in Manchester. Come the night some other singer appeared on stage to sing Alexandra's part. She wasn't what I would call professional standard. At the break many of those around us were of a similar opinion. With a bit of Google on the mobile it transpired that Alexandra was ill but there was no announcement and we didn't see any notices in the foyer. Very disappointed. Just had our cruise on the Diamond Princess cancelled (a weight off our minds) so this voyage is one we will investigate.


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